Wednesday, November 14, 2012

grazie a la pizza

It's true, I loved nearly moment I spent in Brittany and was overjoyed "home" to Paris afterwards. I've still been missing New York though. Most notably (for the purposes of this blog post), I miss having my best friends a subway-ride away and good pizza 'round every corner. Besides that one solo lunch at the little Italian épicerie on campus, I haven't had a noteworthy pie since I've been here! Until last night, that is.
Grazie, a trendy pizzeria-cocktail bar hybrid that appears to belong in New York's LES, is actually situated in the Haut Marais.
Although the amazing cocktails ended up being a "hit or miss" (I was a lucky one--think tequila) the pizza was a smashing success in the eyes and mouths of each lovely lady at my table; myself especially included. The crust was thin and crispy; the sauce, flavorful; and the mozzarella and arugula, oh-so-fresh. Even satisfied completely we couldn't help but partager in their chocolate mousse. Merci beaucoup, Paris. You done good.


  1. I miss you!!!

    Glad you enjoyed your little bite of home :-)

    P.S. We need to catch up!

    1. And I miss you! Thanks, lady. Emailed you yesterday :)


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