Saturday, November 3, 2012

how are you?

Safe, warm, and comfortable, I hope. On Tuesday morning, following Hurricane Sandy's damage to the New York metropolitan area, I sent 20+ emails with that very question to various friends and family. Each one responded, and thankfully, each one was and continues to be alright. Others have not been so fortunate. Amongst the flurry of corporate emails extending thoughts of recovery and thanking me for my patience during this time, a friend sent a personal call to action. Here is an excerpt:
The people of this community have no power, water, or gas, and because gas stations are dry, cars are destroyed, and the subway is gone, they have no way of getting anywhere that does. Food and basic supplies are running low. Looting at night is becoming a serious problem. There is no cell reception, and Con Ed says the power won't be back out there until November 10th at the earliest. Rockaway truly looks like a war zone right now...

If I were closer to home, I would make it a priority to help those in need--whether it be through contributing to Red Cross funds, volunteering at a Sandy shelter, donating to outer borough communities, or helping in any other way I could. I'm not though. By the chance that you're more able than I, I ask that you please do any of the above.
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New York City is not the only area that has been affected by Hurricane Sandy, it just happens to be the place I know best and love most. I also simply miss it so; as my tweets of nostalgia have alluded to. I didn't expect that last part. Paris has been good to me and the fall break I just returned from allowed for more opportunity to explore the French countryside... and yet, at this point in time, I can't imagine not eventually returning to "the [exciting, diverse, and amazingly resilient] city." New York, je t'aime.


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