Tuesday, November 13, 2012

fall break in bretagne, part 3

As the sun set in Plagasnou (please read part 2 if you haven't yet), Marie and Amy took one last hike along the water while I stayed inside with a migraine. It's a shame they let those through customs, by the way; I would've preferred to leave them in the U.S. Thankfully it lifted after napping for a short while. By the time they were back and showered at 8pm, I too was ready for dinner. Marie wanted crab. 
We drove all the way to Corncarneau to appease her and answer my oyster craving. As we had the night before, we split a bottle of white wine and each ordered off the prix-fixed menu. Entrée: oysters & snails; Plat: catch of the day; Dessert: red fruit tart.
We slept in the next morning. Then, we had breakfast, cleaned up our cottage, packed up the car, and headed south to Morlaix for the Sunday morning market.
The entire town was out and about buying fresh produce, fish, breads, flowers, homemade honey, vintage books, and even clothes. Click here for more photos.
But, within two hours of our wandering, it started to rain. When I'd told any French person I was going to Brittany over break, they'd told me two things: it's beautiful, bring an umbrella. A few additionally suggested I enjoy as many crêpes as possible. So, in perfect crêpe-feasting weather, we went to La Crêpe Enchantée.
Like many crêperies I'd been to in the past, they offered an economical lunch menu: local cider, a savory galette, and a sweet crêpe.
I enjoyed a spin on a traditional galette complet by having goat cheese instead of gruyere or emmental. And for dessert, um... do you see that crêpe above?! Divine. In addition to butter cookies, this region of France is famous for salted caramel and sweet butter; two main ingredients which paired delectably with baked apple.
I left Morlaix with the biggest smile on my face. I'd eaten extremely well, seen some beautiful places, spent time with two of my favorite people, and oh my how those days of relaxation were necessary. And the final amazing part? Feeling like I was on my way home as we drove back to Paris.

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