Tuesday, September 4, 2012

lava at the blue lagoon

Bonsoir! I have so many lovely things to share: a new schedule, a new apartment, a new Parisian life with new graduate school friends. Unfortunately, I have yet to begin this new schedule of mine or move into this new apartment. And I am far too behind in blogging. Let's reflect just once more on Iceland, okay? Once I am mostly settled (in the next two days, I hope), we'll be able to really catch up.
On my last morning in Reykjavík, I had a coffee date with a recent AUP grad I'd never met. I'd chosen the café one and a half months earlier after I'd read it was one of the best. It didn't disappoint, and ended up being one block from my hostel.

Meeting Claire was equally as lovely. I felt so lucky to get a sneak peak into the life of a graduate student in Paris and even just chat with such a down to earth, globally-minded gal. She's had some incredible experiences, too.
Following our conversation and cappuccinos, we ventured over to the Reykjavík Museum of Photography to enjoy their special exhibit I'd seen advertised the day before, Woman. The photographs and their accompanying quotes were beautiful. One of my favorites was/is that of the former president of Iceland: "Man is born with the ability to have an opinion, to have thoughts and that is why language is so important. You realize that you never stop using language, not even when you are sleeping. You can never stop thinking. You always carry words with you." -Vigdís Finnbogadóttir 
Then we went to have those Icelandic hot dogs I'd told you about. With just four mystery toppings in a Wonder bread bun, my pylsur was actually delicious.
Eventually, her and I parted ways as she continued on her route to the United States and I moved onto the Blue Lagoon (a convenient pre-Paris flight stop). This well known geothermic spa was stunning, even amidst the ridiculous crowds.
After wading in the warm, healing waters of the lagoon, I showered and got presentable again for some fine dining. It'd been a while since I'd taken myself out to dinner and I felt I deserved a treat with the travel (and orientation) ahead.
So I savored three amazing courses of "contemporary dishes from Icelandic ingredients" (beef, duck, salmon) with two pours of  the house red, and ended sweetly on a Mexican-ganache-with-mojito sorbet note; the perfect solo meal.
Soon after, I boarded the bus for the airport. I touched down at 6:15am last Friday morning and have since been carrying, meeting, waiting, meeting, carrying, signing up, filling out, and otherwise preparing for a year in which I will live in Paris and work towards a Master of Arts in Global Communication. It's been a mostly magical whirlwind. Looking forward to sharing more!


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