Sunday, September 30, 2012

after dark in the city of lights

For me, "going out" is a part of a healthy lifestyle. Why? How? It allows for pure, unadulterated friend time. And enjoying quality beer, wine, or cocktails. I try my best to hydrate beforehand, have a spectacular (somewhat responsible) time during, and then hydrate again, enjoy a slice of pizza, and sleep very well afterwards. Needless to say, it's been exciting to uncover the nightlife scene in Paris. Give me a good bar with fun music on a Friday evening or Saturday night and I am one happy gal.
Once a week or so, my friends convene at the Amex Café, a dive bar located on campus with exceptionally cheap wine and reasonably priced beer. For the end of long weekday, it works just fine, but I've taken weekend opportunities to scour the city for some amazing drinks. Here's where one month of research has gotten me:
 [Rosa Boheur: a festive tapas bar within parc des Buttes-Chaumon.]
[This charming happy hour site with killer sangria (and slightly overpriced but yummy small plates) transforms to a dance party after dark.]
[Le Pixel: a tiny, "New York-style" bar serving custom cocktails and Paris' best mojitos. It's conveniently on the Seine-edge of the 6th, perfect to start the night.]
 [Glass: this newcomer to the racy Pigalle neighborhood comes from the geniuses behind Candeleria (supposedly Paris' best Mexican taqueria - will confirm soon!)
[They've created an expertly-refined cocktail list (one with Pisco) in a simple environment... and they have Brooklyn Brewery on tap. And dancing. Oh, yes.]

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