Sunday, September 23, 2012

dinner parties in paris

I am meeting Marie for my first brunch in Paris later this morning. I don't think brunch is necessarily a French thing, but it's one of those few American traditions that has successfully (albeit on a small scale) infiltrated its way into Parisian culture. So happy for that! And to have received such a stellar recommendation from My Little Paris. Looking forward to sharing my experience with you soon.
To show my gratitude, I thought I'd reflect on the most recent, rather "French" meal I enjoyed. My friend Shola (pictured above, center) is living in apartment with two super cool French twenty-somethings. Last week, they hosted a dinner party at their beautiful apartment in the 10e. It was, as expected, a potluck of sorts. 
[Greek pasta salad, French bread with assorted cheeses]
[stuffed mushrooms]
[toasted croissants with basil, tomato, and steak]
[quiche aux légumes/lorraine, salmon crackers, Spanish chorizo]
It was a beautiful meal, complete with the majority of my new friends and copious amounts of wine. Then (as expected) we continued to a bar for late-night dancing.
As much as life hasn't at all been overwhelmingly glamourous, Paris has been fun and mostly very good to me so far. I think I'm finally starting to feel at home.


  1. I am just catching up on all of your Paris posts now and loving them! They are making me so nostalgic of my old chambre de bonne and dinner parties shared with American student friends I made. Enjoy a Pierre Herme macaron for me whenever you get the chance! ;)


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