Tuesday, September 18, 2012

sans une cuisine

The kitchen in ma chambre de bonne = a mini-fridge, microwave, one hot plate, and a shelf. Yep, even the kitchen in my NYC apartment was more impressive.
So, I'm required to get somewhat creative. Breakfasts thus far have featured tea and muesli/multigrain flakes with yogurt/fromage blanc topped with market fruit.
Since I'm only shopping for one, occasionally I run out of one or all of the above ingredients. This time last week that meant I strolled up the street to my closest boulangerie for a fresh croissant and café crême. It was a delicious treat. You'll notice above that homework tends to join me at the table...
I'm often on campus for lunch and thus have been exploring the boulangeries in the 7th arrodissement, too. Sandwiches (like this one) are the perfect mid-day meal. On occasion though, I do have the chance to really sit down and dine. I usually take the opportunity to fill up on vegetables with a salad, but I've admittingly discovered a croque madame better than the one I ate in Strasbourg.
Adopting a French-style of eating has meant that I hardly ever have an afternoon snack. With that said, last weekend following our visit to Ikea, Marie and I were starving at 4pm. We each enjoyed a pain aux raisin and iced tea as a result. Fun fact about the beer that my iced tea resembles: it's swiftly becoming an even more popular happy hour drink than wine here; mostly because of the price point.
Lunches out mean dinners at home. The meal above was one of my favorites: garlic-pepper eggs, a fresh piece of baguette with hummus, and sliced market cucumbers topped with olive oil and salt. I haven't minded that few p.m. meals have strayed from this standard vegetarian protein, fresh vegetable, and bread with cheese or hummus equation though. I tend to "cook" simply anyway.
And when it comes to baking without an oven, I've embraced No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies. It's a good thing they turned out well on my first try, too! They were my contribution to my friend's potluck dinner party last weekend, along with a bottle of champagne.
Speaking of wine :) I'm fortunate enough to have another friend from school that lives in my neighborhood. Her and I have appointed Wednesday as our date night. A shared  carafe of vin rouge or ice cream cones paired with lots of girl talk is just enough to make up for any and all kitchen (or lack there of) frustrations.


  1. Looks like you're adapting well! I know what it's like to have a limited kitchen so good on you!

    1. Thanks, dear! Your experiences are certainly encouraging!

  2. Ooh, where was the croque madame? Have you tried the one from Le Nemrod yet?

    1. I haven't yet! This one was enjoyed before my commute to class actually at Le Vigny, a spectacular brasserie in my neighborhood. Highly recommended!


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