Wednesday, September 19, 2012

as parisians do

I've never heard someone argue that Paris isn't a beautiful city. Time and time again, however, I have heard how rude Parisians are. In a Franco File Friday interview, Amy Thomas (author of Paris, My Sweet (A Year in the City of Light (and Dark Chocolate) and one of my favorite travel articles) said, "After visiting many smaller French towns, I understand that Parisians are to the French what New Yorkers are to Americans." 
Well then. This, my dears, is exactly what I despise stereotypes. I think it's just about story time...
Upon moving into ma chambre de bonne, a random passerby helped as I struggled to carry my large suitcases through the doorway.
Later, as I was having trouble with the lock on my door, a neighbor from down the hall heard me and came out of their apartment to lend a hand.
The following day, when I gave my landlord the security deposit, he thanked me and offered to let me leave any valuables in his apartment if I ever take an extended trip.
Each time I forget that little piece of paper with the front door code during that first week, the guardian typed it in for me with a smile.
And yesterday, when I went to the laundromat for the very first time, an older woman showed me how to figure out the machines without me even having to ask.

Although I don't doubt that Parisians can be rude, life experience has taught me otherwise. They (like anyone anywhere) can often be very nice. And helpful, too.

P.S. The photos above were taken in my 17th arrondissement neighborhood.


  1. man! i just wrote a comment and wordpress deleted it! PET PEEVE!

    okay... well I basically said that I love your photos and I am so glad your experience has been filled with warm and friendly people!! Someday I hope I can visit! It's on my bucket list!!!

    keep on showing us pictures!

    love and hugs,

    1. Oh, sorry about that! How annoying. Thank you, darling. I hope you're able to visit, too! xo

  2. "I understand that Parisians are to the French what New Yorkers are to Americans." I don't think that's to say that they're rude, they're just a bit less patient with tourists? I don't find New Yorkers that rude. I agree the stereotypes are just that -- I've had a few good samaritan encounters with the French in Paris so I'll never be one to say the French are rude etiher. Though I am one to say that I don't think Paris is that beautiful...

    1. Agreed, I just don't think most people are so insightful :). That is true! Sorry to have generalized.


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