Thursday, March 10, 2011

jumping into confessions

It's raining, it's pouring, and it's the perfect time to blog something fun. Enter, the stylish blogger award. It was given to me a few weeks ago by the lovely Mackenzie. (By the way, dear: Thank you! Thank you! I am oh so flattered.) If you don't read her blog yet, you should, because she really is wonderful in every which way. As for the award, accepting it requires that I must now confess seven things about myself. This was tough as I've revealed quite a few intimate details before--most notably, here, here, and here--but alas I came up with the following: 

For as tolerant as I may be, I cannot stand littering. We're lucky to live in a place with such an efficient sanitation program and we should take advantage of it. It's one of my biggest pet peeves. Well, that along with recurring grammar/spelling mistakes on printed documents (or blogs),  derogatory language made casual (it's still hurtful), and dishonesty. I have absolutely no patience for liars; I trust people too much and I want to continue to be able to do so. But, with that said, I must admit that I'm a good liar, embarrasingly so. I've obviously figured this out somehow but I promise I hardly use my abilities. Hypocrisy isn't cool.
I went on my first real date on May 20th of last year. Before then, I'd had two long-term boyfriends, and yes, we had gone on dates, but neither of them began that way. They were friendships of sorts that slowly developed to something more. What does this mean for me now? Well, for one thing, "dating" (as a pastime of single men and women everywhere) has been quite the experience. I've had numerous free and tasty meals which is always nice. I've met my share of assholes, idiots, and fascinating incompatibles, which I suppose is a great for learning. And, I've developed a significant sense of self. That last part is, without a doubt, the most important.

As much as I love flying to international and exotic locales, I hate airports. They stress me out and they're uncomfortable and they're either too hot or too cold or too smelly (I can't identify what it is exactly, but I'm sure you understand.) Furthermore, planes kind of make me nervous. Yet, even with all of my qualms for air travel, I couldn't live without it. I love to learn more about the world around me with my own two eyes and my own two feet. I live for it, as I'm sure you've realized.
When I decided that to join Shayne on the Crazy, Sexy Diet Adventure Cleanse, what I most feared was not having to avoid gluten (even if it is tough) or meditate daily (even if it's a struggle for me), but not being able to drink. I am not an alcoholic, (and I say that in all seriousness because such a disease is present in my extended family,) but I truly enjoy beer, wine, and the occasional cocktail. I honestly enjoy a tipsy, carefree thrill with friends every now and again too. My friends do as well, which has made me somewhat of a wet blanket when it comes to making plans in these past 21 days. I've still managed to have good times though :) movies, books, and board games are fun.

Okay, now, this is probably gross, but... I don't always shower after yoga. I just naturally don't sweat that much, even in a power vinyasa flow. I'll rinse my face off because I have bad skin but to completely shower is such an inconvenience. My hair is dry, particular, and difficult to style without my few products and appliances. Don't worry though, this confession doesn't apply to the aftermath of bikram yoga classes. Come on now. That'd just be disgusting.
Some day I want to go back to school. I'd like  to focus on something related to culture and linguistics and it's only out of curiosity (I don't want to become a translator, linguist, researcher or professor) but I will want to study again.

The next two milestones in my mind are a bookshelf and a painting. The bookshelf signifies the next level of my "real person-ness". When I buy it, it means that I will be furnishing my first apartment, building my library, and thus living on my own. (Coming soon?) The painting is going to be the first of many purchased in another city, state, or country, thus being the kind of artistic souvenir that I've been vying for for most of my life. I frequent art galleries wherever I am but I've never been able to almost afford any of the pieces within them. When I am able to buy a foreign painting, it will mean that I am finally financially-comfortable enough to do so. I can hardly wait.
Oh, and as a bonus: I like trampolines. I like trampolines, a lot.

The next step is to pass on the award to other bloggers I'd love to more about. Easy peasy. Except not at all because I'm nosey and want to know more about each and every blogger that I have a friend crush on. That makes a whole lot. Any suggestions (and/or confessions) are welcome in the comments below.


  1. Fun to learn more about you, dear friend! :)

  2. prospect heights!? please share these details! i love that neighborhood. you should look up weather up, amorina pizza, and sundays suppers at james to get you excited about it. :)

    i don't judge your lack of showering because i went to equinox 3 days in a row this week on a free trial and didn't wash my hair a single time. i showered, but all i did was touch up my hair with a flatiron. classy, i know.

    see you soon lady!

  3. You can really write when it rains lol! What a fun read and I like the pics, you look so pretty jumping on the trampoline in that lovely dress :)

  4. VeggieGirl: Glad you liked it!

    leslie: I will let you know more this week. It's a real maybe. See you soon!

    Jilianne @ Cotswold Cottages: Haha, thank you!

  5. this post was adorable!! you're adorable.
    plus, your flowery sundress makes me want the sun/summertime right this very moment :)

    I love that you're "dating"...that's always fun! i want more deets! would love to catch up soon!

  6. alovelyglass: Aw, thank you, darling. I know! I specifically used these pictures because I'm ready for sunshine. Details, for sure. Can't wait to catch up.

  7. i love love love this! your freedom and sense of self are truly fabulous, my dear! :) glad you had fun with the challenge, and thanks for the shout out, m'lady! you are making me blush over here. for seriously.


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