Friday, November 18, 2011

a homecooked meal

Hey, guess what? I cook. I'm just not that great at it, and hardly ever create edibles as beautiful as those eaten outside the walls of my apartment, so I most often prefer to tell you about the fabulous meals I have at restaurants "around the world." But today, today, I thought I'd share two recent creations from my own kitchen. I don't want you to get the wrong idea and think I live an extravagant lifestyle of non-stop wining, dining, and traveling. I can assure you, I do not :).
This fall has been an interesting one weather-wise. It's been rainy and cold, then warm and sunny, and rainy and cold again. My recent cravings have been a product of such craziness. A few days ago, I made myself a spicy minestrone soup. I immediately enjoyed a big bowl of healthful swiss chard, tomatoes, chickpeas, string beans, onions, white beans, and whole wheat penne, in addition to garlic and red chile pepper. Then I placed 2 servings in the fridge, and froze the rest.
I love how soup can be saved, and how it gets better with each passing day. For that very reason actually, the following evening I prepared a quinoa dish. It was super easy too--I just added chopped spinach and leftover chickpeas to a Quinoa Blend by Near East (former HLS swag). And there you have it, the limits of my culinary talents. I could probably be more creative, but when cooking for myself, I really only strive for simplicity, flavor, and nutrition... alongside a glass of wine. 

Inspire me:  What's your go-to solo meal? or cookbook? or cooking site/blog?


  1. I still haven't tried that quinoa blend!! My goal is to figure out how to microwave quinoa. It will happen

  2. I like to keep it simple too. When I first started to try cooking and making easy healthy meals for myself, I read PBfingers a lot. She uses basic things like sandwich thins, noodle bowels, fish, roasted veggies, etc but still tends to create new ways of using them to make delicious and healthy meals. Now I just try and use healthy staples in most of my cooked meals and mix and match to make things unique. Simple and quick is key especially when I'm in school and limited on time.

  3. My go- tos = risotto, lentil soup, egg fritattas, and pasta dishes. In the summer, my favorite dish is linguine tossed with chopped heirloom tomatoes, grated Parm, olive oil, and chopped basil. Mix it up, let it sit, covered, for a bit, and eat!

  4. Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn: Wishing you luck! It's really great.

    Shannon: Glad I'm not the only one! Those sound like great staples. Thanks for the suggestions.

    Anna: Risotto as a go-to? You're awesome :) and the linguine dish sounds fantastic. Thank you!

  5. my go-to weeknight meals as of late: seitan stir frys with tons of veggies and soba noodles, hearty lentil stews with toast, quinoa with sauteed chickpeas and veg....etc, etc, etc. :)

    definitely making myself some SPICY homemade minestrone in the near future. love that!

  6. alovelyglass: Yum, yum, yum! I've only cooked with seitan once, and hated it... but I should probably give it another chance :).


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