Tuesday, December 13, 2011

remembering vacations

The last time I found myself lying on the beach in a bikini was my birthday this past year. It doesn't happen that often. Firstly, because when I have the chance to travel, I choose to take trips as opposed to vacations. (There's quite the difference.) Secondly, because, um, I'm a bit self-conscious. Anyway...
I have many friends who grew up vacationing on the slopes or in tents with their families, but mine always headed towards warmer climate. Vacation to me meant white beaches, clear waters, and lots of lounging as a result. And until high school, I experienced all of it. Each year, my parents, two siblings, and I spent at least 3 winter days in Florida, the Bahamas, Mexico, or Puerto Rico. We often went to hotels or resorts, though a few times we went on cruises too. Either way, it was such a treat to come back to snowy New York with a tan. Then I got a job (my first at CVS), and have since missed every single one of these family vacations.
I thought I didn't care. Not until I spent some quality time with the beach and ocean while freelancing in Central America did I realize how sadly odd it was to not have my family nearby. I missed our days of tropical R&R. Thankfully, these family vacations will no longer be just memories very soon. This New Year's, in honor of my mom's 50th birthday (she was born on January 2nd), I will be celebrating with my family in Cancún, Mexico. Oh. Yes. I can hardly wait.

P.S. This post was inspired by the 6 Weeks of Bliss Challenge.


  1. Glad you'll have the chance to relax and explore a beautiful place! My family vacations have also dwindled as I've gotten older and had more responsibilities (work, college) that have kept me from having the time to go. I'm going to FL on Christmas though and plan to make it as much of a vacation (vs a trip) as possible :-D

  2. @caitplusate.com: Thank you, dear. Have a fabulous time in Florida!

  3. I totally agree that there is quite the difference between trips and vacations. there is a time and a place for each, though. after spending the last 5 months walking on cobblestones all over Europe, I would be totally fine returning to the hot sandy beaches of Panama. if only my bank account agreed.

  4. @lookthroughmyspecs: Ah, yes. That is the beauty of family vacations ;)


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