Monday, December 12, 2011

giving and gifting

While we're on the topic of charity events, let's discuss a few other ways to actively participate in the season of giving. The first that comes to mind is Holly's holiday fundraiser. This year, she has partnered with Emily to raise money for Haiti Medial Mission of Wisconsin, an organization that makes mission trips to Haiti to provide quality healthcare for the area's 45,000 residents. The minimum donation is $10, but the good your donation can do is invaluable.
Or, consider making one 8-year old boy's wish come true. Max is currently battling leukemia and hopes to receive 1,000,000 Christmas cards this year. Join Julie in making this holiday of his a magical one. I'd suggest you also follow do-gooders like for more charitable opportunities. You can even just go shopping. In the past week, I've donated to City Harvest at my local Duane Reade and participated in the Holiday Book Drive at my local Barnes & Noble. Both were totally easy too; I simply went to pay for my items and made the small differences as I checked out. Be generous because, if nothing else, it feels so good. And save money in other ways with handmade gifts like these.

As Sara said: "Decembers are made for generosity. I love that we bring platefuls of homemade cookies, wrapped in crinkly cellophane, to our neighbors. I love that we dig singles and quarters out of our handbags for those Salvation Army santas stationed on every corner, without a second thought. I love that in the darkest, coldest season, we are asked to be the kindest compassionate we can be, to each other, strangers and friends alike." Hope you're loving it too.


  1. you are the sweetest, and i heart you. hope you are doing well - an email is coming soon! <3

  2. oh goodness, you are just bubbling over with goodness. so inspired right now. sending you lots of love, my sweet dear xo

  3. @Holly: Aw, darling, so are you. Looking forward to it!

    @Mackenzie: Thanks! Sending some goodness and love your way too :)


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