Monday, October 24, 2011

real reflections

While living at home, I took my dogs on daily walks. I allowed my thoughts and feelings to flow freely with the movement, and spent more time doing so each day. In the past week, I dug deeper by combining this natural stimulation with absolutely awe-inspiring urban experiences at Meet Plan Go and RHH Live. I cannot even begin to share with you how amazing it all has been. What I can do, however, is share the photos and quotes I found to be most powerful.
"In life, nothing happens by coincidence." -Rita

"If there's one decision you will not regret making, it is taking that first step." -Amanda
"Greatness doesn't happen when you sit on your ass." -Kris

"I am so sick and tired of possibility. Possible?! My dream is a done fucking deal." -Danielle

"You cannot be a good servant if you can't take care of yourself." -Russell
"The most basic human desire on the planet is to feel like we belong." -Simon

"When a woman loves herself, and takes ownership of her beauty and pleasure, it is a privilege to be in her presence." -Gena

"You already have all the tools you need within you... everything is figureoutable." -Marie
Pretty amazing, huh? Please wish me luck as I take the fresh empowerment and apply it to the first day of my new job today :).


  1. These photos are absolutely stunning.

  2. oh mylanta, i adore everything about this. i needed to read this today. and i see you've gotten a lovely new job, my dear! congrats, ladyfriend! i knew you had some greatness coming your way! and i will actually be coming up to nyc in mid-november so if you are free i'd love to catch up with your lovely self over dinner! so glad to see you are doing well. xo

  3. beautifully expressed and captured! wishing you the best version of you. your most beautiful, pleasurable, joyful, done-deal dream day on your first day!

  4. Rose: Thank you! The real-life views were too.

    Mackenzie: Thanks so much, darling! I'm glad you found it helpful and I will be seeing you soon :)

    Jill Rowe: What beautiful well wishes. They are so appreciated. Thank you, thank you.

  5. good luck at your new job! that link is actually proving to be very helpful to me as I'm planning my Grand Tour of Europe that starts next week. silly me has no idea what to do in Prague, London, Amsterdam, or Frankfurt :)

  6. lookthroughmyspecs: Thank you! And I'm so glad/jealous. Enjoy it :)

  7. CONGRATS Danielle! Best of luck at your new job!


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