Thursday, October 6, 2011

ain't no prix-fixe

Prix-fixe can be a wonderful thing. It is an obvious deal for any seasoned diner; a complete meal offered at a "fixed price." But beyond the table, life is anything but. Each day we are faced with millions of choices and the uncertainty of how much they'll cost us. Some are expected, like the breakfast oatmeal or eggs debate. Others, are not. Some are easy, like deciding between wine or water with dinner. Others, well, are not. Yet with each choice, we hopefully take one step closer to the life we want to be living, and that is an even more wonderful thing.
A few hours ago, Steve Jobs passed away. He was a technological pioneer, an Apple/Pixar  visionary, and a timeless source of inspiration and wisdom. It is just astonishing to think about the impact this one man's life has had. And now, with my MacBook below my fingertips and my iPhone within reach, I hope we can choose to live each day as passionately as his legacy surely will live on...
"Stay hungry. Stay foolish"

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