Friday, May 6, 2011

follow friday

Even though I've been blogging since April 22, 2008, it took me about six months to tell my family and friends that I had a blog. Instead, I spent that time writing for strangers and reading about the lives of people I'd never met. Today they're no longer just strangers or even just bloggers/readers. In honor of Twitter's Friday tradition, #followfriday, I'd like to highlight all of those blends and their anecdotes now. Why? Because I like this sentimental stuff :).
A few weekends ago, a few of my NYC friends (who just happen to also blog) and I went to Sofia's party. Her and her boyfriend (BT) will be competing in Guactacular this weekend and needed some sophisticated palates to test their creative guacamole recipes--I met the amazing host through Leslie, a blogger that has authentically become one of my best friends. We realized the other day that we've been friends for almost two years now, beginning at the second to last BeamGreen event that the ever-amazing Gena invited us to. As for Miss Shayne, well, we were solely coworkers at The Well Daily... until we hung out outside of work, and thus obviously became friends.--Fabulous times were had as expected.
Other blogettes have simply stopped in the city for a short time yet we've quickly bonded. These special people include Kailey who spent Thanksgiving of 2008 with my family. We also celebrated New Year's Eve's Eve together, in addition to exploring Brooklyn, eating frozen yogurt and dancing at frat bars when she was visiting Muffin this past summer. Then, in August, I had the pleasure of meeting Sagan while she was here for BlogHer. We wined on a Wednesday and fell for Eve on a Sunday. It couldn't have been sweeter.
At the Healthy Living Summit (also in August of last summer), I was able to meet even more. I was thrilled to finally chat with Jenn and Melissa in person. We've been in contact for years so it was a long time coming and they're just as awesome as they seem. I then spent time with Heather in person. We'd planned Bloggie Secret Santa the previous year and had emailed lots beforehand. Oh, and I met tons of new faces too. I couldn't begin to list them here, but, I will mention the delightful Shannon. Especially since we're now neighbors :). 
My road trip was phenomenal for many reasons. One being that I was able to literally stay with  bloggies around the United States: Rachel in Raleigh, Holly in Madison, and Rose in Pittsburgh. They basically rock in general, but also because they offered to host me and show me such fantastic times in their respective homes. Two being that I was able to go on dates with more ladies that blog: Caitlin in Austin, Jenna in Sonoma, Claire in Ann Arbor and Miss Gliding Calm.
I guess it all began at a Candle 79 dinner party. The darling Liz was coming to town (we'd bonded once before) and invited me to join the blogger meet-up that would become my first. There I met Amelia and Deirdre (who I also saw at the HLS), Katie and her boyfriend, and many others. It was awkward, my food was served cold and I left feeling somewhat stunned by the fact that we already knew so much about each other for only having met that night.
Now, I've gotten used to it. And these days I actually view these occasions as regular weekly outings. One great one of which you've seen in the four photos above. 'Twas a Monday night spent with Megan (met this Valentine in the home of another Valentine at the best potluck ever), Katie and Leslie; music, wine and gelato. I'm so happy to know them all, and honestly, honored to call them my friends. Now if only I could arrange a meet up with Gillian, and Jessica, and...


  1. What a great group of friends to have!! We did not tell many people at first about blogging either. We have loved all the blog friends we have made.

  2. How fun! I wish I knew of other bloggers in the Portland area! It took me a bit of time to tell others of my actually happened once a friend accidentally stumbled across it and really enjoyed it that I thought it might not be such a bad thing to show to my friends/family :)

  3. yay bloggie love :) i dig that moment when "blog friends" become just "friends." it's all very nerdy at first (i too didn't tell anyone about my blog for months - some of my real life friends still don't know!) but then when you think about it, it's kinda cool. i dig it. and us. :)

  4. i love this! blog friends seriously are the greatest, aren't they?! :) as soon as i make my way up to the northeast, i'm thinking a meet-up is definitely in order! i need to meet your lovely self.

  5. Pure2raw twins: Thank you! And I totally agree.

    saltwatercoffee: Haha, yeah. I told people one by one, for some reason I was more comfortable telling those that I knew less.

    sofia: I love you... and I am telling all of your real life organic friends that you have a blog ;). So glad to know you.

    Mackenzie: That they are. I'd love to meet you!

  6. how adorable was this post?! I love the sentimental stuff :) I am so envious of all the blends you've been able to meet up with... but I know that soon enough I'll make my way to the east coast to have the most amazing time with you girls too! I sooo did not expect that shoutout at the end, you made my day!! xoxo hope everything's still going fabulously at your new place!

  7. alovelyglass: Aw, thank you! I'm so glad :) can't wait.

  8. ahhhh...thanks for the mention beauty!!! You going to HLS again this year? I know I'm def going to FB Fest so let me know if you'll be there!

  9. Trying To Heal: Oh gosh, I hope so! At least to one of them. I'll let you know!


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