Monday, May 9, 2011

comparatively speaking,

I'm awesome.

But you should know that I'm telling myself that more than I'm telling you. When I blog that my life is seemingly complete, when I proudly state that I've figured some things out, oftentimes it is to remind myself of these things more than anything. And note that when you give me a few glasses of sangria with a splash of hormones, those insecurities of mine rear their very ugly heads.

There is a school of thought that says we are worth taking care of ourselves, that we deserve to be healthy. That is all well and good, most definitely so, and yet I'll admit that my own quest in eating mindfully, exercising regularly, and living positively is rooted elsewhere. Every now and then, I realize that I maintain my mostly healthy habits to feel good about myself in the first place. When I honor my body, mind, and soul, it helps me to realize that I am a worthwhile person. It helps me to believe that I am deserving of happiness, contentment, and love.

Am I pleased to admit that? Not exactly. Honestly, I think it's sad that for as encouraging I can be of others, I cannot seem to get over my personal self- issues. With that said, however, I do know that it is just as healthy to admit these things, to discuss them with best friends at, say, happy hour, and to consciously work through them. And although I do not wish negativity on anyone,  I desperately hope (especially because I so publicly said such things) I'm not the only one.

So yes, perhaps I am awesome. But I'm also not perfect.


  1. oh girl, you are wonderful!! and who wants to be perfect anyways?? I sure know I am not perfect, I am slowly learning to love all my flaws

  2. You definitely are not the only one- I feel the same exact way- especially with the encouraging of others etc when really I frequently struggle with the same insecurities/self consciousness/issues and logically know one thing but still cannot after many years get over them. It's tough, none of us are perfect and everything is a process, I'm just skeptical that I will ever truly move up in that process

    This is exactly how I feel these days.
    Even though I always try to encourage others and say good things about them but I don't think that goes the same for me.
    I really need to cut myself some slack and love myself more.
    Thank you for reminding me :)

  4. VeggieGirl, HangryPants: As are you both :) about ten million times over.

    Pure2raw twins: Thank you, sweetheart. You're so right.

    saltwatercoffee: It's tough, really it is, but I have faith that we can both move up in the process. Focusing on the good within and around us should help... I hope :).

    freesia: Thank you, darling. Unfortunately, we just might all need the reminder sometimes. Hopefully we'll need it less and less as time goes on though.

  5. this was the best thing i've read all week. you really are the coolest, my dear. definitely going to print this and put it on the wall. xo

  6. What a wonderful post girl! :)

  7. Danielle! I could not have read this at a more perfect time.

    I had literally, the same conversation with my father, earlier today. I am usually the face of optimism and pursuing your own health/happiness, and yet I wear myself out with unnecessary self-pressure and doubt!

    So cheers to us! Of course we're awesome... and no one is perfect :)

  8. alovelyglass: I'm glad you found it worthwhile, m'dear. Cheers to us!

  9. Mackenzie: Aw, you're wonderful. Thank you.

    Amanda: Thanks lady!


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