Monday, May 23, 2011

party of five

When I was younger, it upset me that travel contests were reserved for families of four. How unfair. Thankfully, without ever winning any getaways, my parents prioritized them at least once a year: my father sought sun, my mother, relaxation, my brother and sister, excitement, and I wanted discovery. Yet these days it seems we've replaced beach vacations with family dinners. And for the most part, that's fine by me. (I'll save my next personal destination for another post).
This past weekend, I ventured to my parent's house for an overnight. It was surreal despite having only moved out three weeks ago. My room was just as I left it... without any of the things I needed it. My house was exactly the same... minus my favorite foods in the kitchen. It was weird, but nice, to be "home."
Unfortunately I wasn't able to capture our sweet moments Saturday night dining at the Bridge View Tavern (fantastic beer selection, by the way, if you're ever in the area), the hysterics that followed my sister and I's viewing of Bridesmaids (not my favorite comedy but definitely a good laugh), or a heart to heart between my brother and I as we rushed to get to my cousin's First Communion party. My beloved camera, you see, is with the Geek Squad getting fixed all over again. 
So, instead I'd like to share belated photos from previous meal I shared with them at Josie's West. This casual restaurant serves almost entirely organic food with healthful options for all taste buds. I had a Veggie Plate Deluxe--wok-sautéed bok choy over roasted acorn squash, grilled asparagus, fennel and peppers, roasted beets and organic tamari brown rice--and enjoyed it greatly. Not one of my familial companions was disappointed either:
We do love to dine together. We appreciate eating quality food, trying new restaurants, and for some, even new things. Still, once again, each one of us has our preferences: mine for health/authenticity, my father for spice, my brother (sadly) for fried, and my sister for bready, doughy carbohydrates.
But just as we could always agree on the beach, a meal is hardly ended without a communal dessert. This time it was a Warm Three Berry-Ginger Pie with walnut oat crumb topping, multi-grain crust, and vanilla soy ice cream. It was delectable. I couldn't have imagined enjoying anything less at our table of five.


  1. We were a party of five too--it always made getting a table at a restaurant take SO much longer.
    Love the looks of that grilled asparagus!

  2. So I usually just lurk here hahaha but I had to say that I am super jealous you went to Josie's because that is my faavorite place in NYC! Well I haven't been to many but I'm guessing it would still be favorite even so :)

  3. BroccoliHut: Most times it's worth the wait :) thanks! It was great.

    Megan D: Craziness. I suggest you visit a lot more next time you come but Josie's is a good one!


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