Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Taking advantage of... something. Life's funny sometimes most of the time. You don't want something until you can't have it anymore. You think you know who you're supposed to be until you discover that you're already becoming who you are. You make peace with the fact that weekends are the only fun-loving spontaneous part of your week until an extraordinary Monday comes along.
Lately I've been taking the earlier train to the city so that I can get walk more (and subway less) on my way to work. From Astor Place, I pass at least three gyms. I have every desire to join but no confidence in my ability to squeeze in a morning workout nor to have the energy to attend a fitness class after work.
Last Monday began like that, like all the others. I arrived in the office, settled into my routine, and then, well... our roof, our roof, our roof was on fire. From the third floor we took the stairs to the streets below where other people from our building and many a passerby had congregated to watch in awe as four fire trucks of men and women tried to put out the flames that stretched along the sixth story edge.
We waited for about an hour before we broke for lunch. And by broke, I mean we all walked together from our burning building and empty office, around the block towards Soho, and down the street to Dos Caminos for our midday meal. At that point, we really didn't have any other option.
We talked seriously and chatted casually amongst fresh tortilla chips, a trio of salsas, and a huge clay bowl of authentic guacamole. I nothing short of lucky to be surrounded by such an amazing, passionate, and quirky group.
For my entrée, I ordered Mexican Chopped Salad: grilled corn, poblano chiles, apples, pinto beans, green olives, tomato, onion, añejo cheese, crispy tortillas and toasted cumin vinaigrette, in addition to a side of Vegetarian Refried Black Beans.
I also admired, and may have tasted a few bites off of, the lovely plates of my fellow diners. To name a few, there were Shrimp & Lobster Ceviche, Chicken Tinga, Sesame Seared Yellowfin Tuna Lettuce Tacos (pictured above), La Cubana Quesadilla, and Sautéed Sweet Plantains. Everything was delectable.
Two hours later we stood up from our chairs, left the restaurant, and called our building to check on the status. The fire was out but we wouldn't be allowed in any time soon. In that case, we might as well have gotten ice cream. So we did. 
FYI- Nobody was hurt, the building is fine, and we did eventually go back to work later that day.
You've got everything in your world figured straight out until you blink, it spins 'round, and nothing's familiar anymore. It's in times like these that I've come to realize how vital it is to make the most of every situation. You can always find a way to benefit in the opportunity, I promise, and figuring out how exactly to go about doing that is just the beginning of the fun part ;). Sweet dreams...


  1. I would have been so freaked out by that fire, but it's great that you benefitted a little from it! As long as no one was hurt, I see no harm in enjoying yourself :) Do you work in Soho? My apartment is a few blocks from Dos Caminos!

  2. Wow, girly! I love how you and your office made the most of what others might have deemed a hopeless situation. The food looks phenomenal and I'm glad you enjoyed yourself with good conversation. Glad to hear everything turned out OK, too!

    Saw your name on the HLS list yesterday and got so excited. I already knew you were going...but that doesn't make me any less excited to meet you! Hopefully I'll see you in NYC in a couple of weeks, too! :o) Have a great one!

  3. Scary stuff! I heard about that fire and actually thought a bit more than usual about the effects of it, if anyone was hurt, etc., more than usual as a result of recent happenings. Mexican food certainly heals all, as does emack & bolios, my favorite ice cream spot!

  4. I would have been so scared of the fire! Wow I sound like such a wimp, but its true! You are so right, we need to seize every opportunity and make the best of every situation. What a great attitude!

  5. Thank goodness no one was hurt! That's a whole lotta smoke coming out of the building. Gah.

  6. Gabriela: It's the first time I ever saw a fire so I was freaked out but after a while you get used to watching it? It was comforting to know that everyone was safe. I work above Houston, so technically no but so very close! Maybe we'll pass each other one of these days :)

    Jenn (eating bender): Thank you! Ah, I'm so excited to meet you and hang out... multiple times :).

    crunchygranolagal: I know there've been way too many fires lately. Thankfully everything really was fine and I got some darn good Mex food and ice cream out of it! Love that place too, well now I do, at least ;).

    Holly @ couchpotatoathlete.wordpress.com: It almost didn't seem real? Like I said, it's the first time I saw one and knowing that it wasn't truly hurting anyone made the situation feel less serious. Oh, I agree! It's hard to remember sometimes but I always try to remind myself, even in the face of danger ;).

    Sagan: Oh, I know! I could not believe it.


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