Wednesday, July 21, 2010

surrounded by silver & gold

Hi again :) I think I've forgotten how fun it can be to post every day. These past few days have been great ones; from a weekend that was spent with some of my most favorite people, to a return to a home filled with tons of goodies (you're going to have to wait 'til the road trip for those ones but let's just say I'm thrilled), and into a fun and fulfilling week at Quirky HQ that's been scattered with many a happy hours (literally and figuratively) with friends. For as much as I felt nostalgic for the life I had, it's be crazy to think I'm not lucky to have the life I got. And if it's true for me, I can't imagine that it wouldn't be a similar case for you too. 
When I was in Girl Scouts, many moons ago, we sang a song: "Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other's gold. A circle's round, it has no end, that's how long I want to be your friend..." and so on and so forth. Anyway ;) since I was reminded of it today (don't ask) I realized that I hadn't really shared with you a few new "friends" I've made recently. The first is Oats in a Jar. Yep, I'm one of the select bloggers that had not yet made the plunge until yesterday. Can anyone remember who started it by the way? Hm. It was fun, no doubt, but even so, I think I'm still more likely to be loyal to my true blue bowl. Call me a traditionalist, but I don't like having more dishes to do than normal and I prefer my drizzled Almond Butter scoop among all other things. Don't worry, there's no hard feelings.
Then there's that Core Fusion Yoga class that I took at Exhale two weeks ago. Core Fusion is a toning class "based on Lotte Berk Method fundamentals, Pilates, and 50 years of combined fitness expertise, to achieve a strong, athletic, flexible, and youthful body." Quite the claim, don't ya think? Well, it's no exaggeration. And even I knew this after a sole hour of exercise heaven. The CF Yoga class ingeniously combined asana, Qi Gong, stretching, and the standard core strengthening and thoroughly kicked my a**. I felt outstanding, and then my entire body hurt for the next four days :). Unfortunately, as much as I would love to, I simply cannot afford to indulge my inner-masochistic-yogi so luxuriously. Bring on the friend crush. In other news, I'll keep you posted on the gym/fitness center I do end up joining though, because it is happening in the month of August. Suggestions are more than welcome. Please, please have some suggestions.
And of course, I cannot forget about my lunch date with the freshest face in town, Otarian. I've heard a lot about this new-to-NY café (they must have great PR people) but didn't even think to try it until last week. I hadn't had a chance to pack lunch in the morning so I looked up their downtown eatery location and walked on over the eight blocks. Choosing what to get was tough. For a little background info: all the food they serve is vegetarian friendly and quite a few of their items are either gluten free or vegan, choices range from soups to burgers to yummy brownies (just saying), and everything is sustainable in every way and as local as possible. Although a bit expensive for my tastes, the Roasted Vegetable Cous Cous salad was flavorful, and yet sadly hardly satisfying. I'm not writing them off or anything, it just might be a whole before we reach that bff level ;). As for iced green tea, well, she and I have always been close. Gotta love Starbucks.
I am so ridiculous that I astound myself sometimes. Oh gosh. Okay. Tonight I put my preemptive snobbery aside and had pasta salad with dinner. I don't know why I had been threatened by this ever-popular dish for so long! Perhaps it is my lack of adoration for pasta, or my fear of salads that do not involve greens, but my mom's version made with farfalle (it'll always be bow ties to me), pesto, leftover roasted vegetables, and pinto beans was out of this world. Insanity. I also enjoyed a classic vegetable favorite, broccoli, and a small piece of an unidentified fish stuffed with crab meat. What new foods, places, or things have you recently met? As far as who've you befriended lately, it might be less weird to assume that real people work better :).

P.S. Notice the abnormally-low quality of these pictures? I think my latest camera might be dead. Cameras and I just do not get along. Ever, ever :( I'm not over it.


  1. i kind of love your ridiculousness. ok, one by one:

    1) agreed on oats in a jar. i tried it once, and that was enough. what's the point of almond butter if you can't enjoy it till the last bite?
    2) as i told you, i am crazy jealous that you got to go to exhale. as far as gyms go, i need more details. :) i'd think about what time you think you'd go, if you're looking for classes/yoga, how much you want to spend, if you are able to freeze your membership when you'll be road-tripping. also, a lot of gyms have one or two-week specials for newcomers, so you could potentially shop around and try a few out before deciding.
    3) i looked at otarian's menu before and wasn't really impressed. the brownie was good, but maybe that's because we wrestled people in the rain for it. :)
    4) new foods and things: last night i had ice wine for the first time, and it was very enjoyable. there were also some life-changing croutons. and, i hung upside down from ropes in yoga, which was a crazy and wonderful way to start the day.

    this comment is sort of epic. apologies, this is what happens when i don't see you for a week. :)

  2. So I spy TJ's almond butter? Wishing I had an almost empty jar so I could have OIAJ...but alas, I have a huge Maranatha jar from Costco that seemingly never ends!

  3. Since you are such a food expert...what are some good picks in the west village area? I'm trying to try out new places...

  4. leslie: Haha, and I love you for that. Ice wine sounds great! I actually had a chance to try it while I was in Toronto a few months ago but then my friend and I would've had to wait around for them to start serving samples... because it was 10:00 in the morning :). I'm personally not a fan of croutons and I doubt I'd trust yoga ropes ;) but I'll take your word for it/them. See you next week!

    BroccoliHut: Yes, mmm, deliciousness. Eat up! I <3 Maranatha too.

    Nomadic Matt: Why thank you :) I actually don't know the West Village scene too well but am dying to try 10 Downing Food & Wine (at 6th) and Cafe Asean (10th at Greenwich). I've also heard great things about Bellavitae (Minetta & 6th).

  5. hmmm I'll keep those in mind. feel like trying one of those places out? we can talk travel and i'll give you some tips for ur road trip. i'm always look for food buddies. There never seems to be enough of them. lol

    have a good weekend

  6. Nomadic Matt: Sure, I'll be in touch.


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