Tuesday, July 6, 2010

working the fire

Hi, chickadees. We interrupt the standard travel Tuesday to bring you back to Saturday morn :) let's go! After spending the night at Liana's boyfriend's house, I woke up early morning and immediately went to get my camera to look through the previous night's pictures as I waited for them to awaken. But I couldn't find it. It wasn't in my purse, on the dresser, wrapped in the covers, within the contents of my bag, and I began to freak out. How could I lose my camera, of all things? I tried to think of the last point I remember having it, but nothing came to mind.  I called every cab company within the Boston area to see if they had found one. I desperately wanted to go downstairs to check too, but I had yet to meet his parents and I didn't want to scare them with my hyper-anxious state. Eventually, Liana and her boy woke up and helped me in my search. He called his friend whose house we had went to after the bars, nothing, and then he hypothesized that I had left it in the park we'd stopped by on our way home.  He quickly called back his friend to ask him to drive by and check.
And there it was: my silver Canon camera, still sitting on a park bench, at 1:30 in the afternoon--nearly ten hours since I'd carelessly left it there in the first place. Oh my gosh, I cannot even express to you the relief that rushed over me! I don't know why or how I got so lucky, but I'm thankful, oh so very thankful for it, and I fully intend on passing it along as soon as the opportunities comes around. Eventually, I was able to enjoy the spinach, portabello mushroom, and goat cheese crêpe as well, plus a refreshing iced green tea.
Following breakfast, I said goodbye to Liana and her boy and hit the road again. Nope it was not time to go home quite yet, I was just heading over to Kate's house in Sudbury, Mass. Upon arrival, she had a fun evening plan for us: catch up in her sun room, bike ride through her town's historical sites, and then make dinner.
If you click on the photograph above, you will see that it is a dedication to the children's classic, "Mary had a Little Lamb." Why? Oh, you know, just because there actually is some truth to the nursery rhyme and the school house for which it takes place is located in Sudbury. For as much as I didn't love history class, I sure loved seeing it with my own eyes.
It really was too cool. I had no idea that such a place really existed! 
As we continued, we also saw a traditional outdoor wedding, the Wayside Inn, and the Grist Mill. Kate said she'd been wanting to do a historical bike ride like it for a while and couldn't think of anyone that would actually enjoy it with her, but me. She knows me so well :).
But, as soon as we returned back to her house, and were faced with our beastly hunger, our plans to make a chopped arugula and strawberry salad with a whole-wheat artichoke and pecorino pizza (recipe courtesy of Whole Living) were nixed for the small Mexican restaurant nearby. I had a margherita and spinach enchiladas, both eh; the drink was strong and the cheese in the plate, overpowering. That's not to say, of course, that I didn't enjoy myself.
Following dinner, we took an unplanned nap and then met these crazies at Lansdowne pub ;). We arrived late, especially for Boston time, so we went straight for the bar to get drinks. Let me please just say that ordering a Guinness is a sure-fire way to make new friends, they might even be from Ireland, and then offer you whiskey to drink with it. Don't worry, it's okay if you politely refuse after the first sip, but at least wave every time you pass them for the rest of the night. Anyway :) in addition to humoring ourselves with them, we also danced the night away to a live cover band that was very nice to watch.
And as Kate and I walked back to her car at early morning, we took one last picture in front of enemy territory otherwise known as Fenway Park. As for the actual fourth, we leisurely spent the morning with her wonderful family.
By one though, we made the most of America's Independence with a trip to Concord, Mass. an adorably quaint all-American New England town with a ridiculous amount of historical significance.
The old colonial houses were absolutely gorgeous! You can just see how much time and care were put into making them and most have plaques with their previous owners of the 16th century. The one above was my favorite.
Soon after, we walked through the quiet center of town. Kate was shocked with how little people were out and about, and how most of the stores were closed, but I was content with the unexpected. For me, the worst part about visiting tourist spots is, well, all the the tourists. I hope I'm not the only one that dislikes people ;).
For the next hour, we browsed through antiques of all kinds and devoured the most delectable cups of homemade ice cream (fudge chocolate for me, moose tracks for her), until it was time for me to head out once again.
Before I left, however, my gracious host offered to make me a quick lunch: a vegan burger over spinach and fresh tomato topped with a balsamic vinegar reduction and grilled onions. Yum, yum, yum. 
Satisfied, I drove over to Newport, Rhode Island to meet my family for dinner and fireworks. But alas, they were no longer at the beach where they'd told me they were spending their entire day. They were back at their hotel in Providence. I think I cried a little at the news. Newport is gorgeous, but I had gotten caught in a bit of traffic on the way town and rolled right on past the easier-accessible Providence. Hmph.
My determination for a real meal and a traditional Fourth of July celebration, paired with a few "please, please, please" pleas from my younger brother, led me back there anyway. Forty minutes later, I met the family at Joe's American Bar and Grill. I was not impressed with the chain status of the restaurant, but it was certainly appropriate, and one of the few eateries that were open on a Sunday holiday night. I enjoyed a glass of Parducci's Pinot Noir (organic) and a Grilled Chicken and Wild Green Salad (shrimp obviously served as the substitute).
And last but certainly not least, my brother and I went back to my roadtripping car to make one last stop at India Point Park. The fireworks were beyond amazing, so much so that my brother thinks they're the best he will ever see in his lifetime :) and neither of us are big firework fans to begin with. My weekend in Beantown featured a lot of time outside of Boston and I loved every second of it. I know Boston reasonably well, I've seen all the sights, but spending time with the best of friends and family never gets old. I hope you had a happy holiday as well.


  1. Looks and sounds like more fun was had for the holiday weekend lady! I used to spend time in sudbury when the family I nannied for in boston bought a home there..so much history! hope you are having a good start to the workweek!

  2. That looks like such an awesome time! I've never been there but this makes me want to go.

    Thank goodness you found your camera... must have been SUCH a huge relief.

  3. you know, the fact that your camera was still there kind of restores some of my faith in society.

    also, i worked at joe's american bar and grill in ct for a summer. it was horrifying and i now refuse to eat there, but i do remember basically living on the amazing bread that is pictured behind your wine glass.

    i love how perfectly new england your weekend was. makes me even more excited for vacation! :)

  4. I left my camera at a complete strangers house after a little too much partying this weekend too...my heart just about stopped when I realized I'd left it, but miraculously I'd gotten the man's phone number and was able to get ahold of him. He had it, and amazingly was honest enough to tell me...I was so thrilled, until I got it back with an entire memory card's worth of his buddies'...er...shall we tactfully say "playboy photos". Such a crazy story! Lesson learned - no more bringing the camera out when there's a possibility that shots will be on the agenda!

  5. Wow, you must be living right! So glad that you got your camera back.
    Love the looks of that vegan burger!

  6. afreshdille: Aw, it was. Same to you, girlie!

    Sagan: You have so many places to visit when you come down to the U.S. :) Oh my gosh... you have no idea!

    leslie: People are generally good. I live by it. I'm excited for your vacation too!

    Faith @ LovelyAsCharged: Haha, that's a great rule! I am adopting it as well, if you don't mind, okay?

    BroccoliHut: ...or something :).

  7. danielle-- the white house with the flag is my friend colin's, and the brick building with the wooden steps on the side leading to a second floor is called "nesting," where i worked last fall! wish i'd seen you, but glad you enjoyed town!

  8. kelsey: Oh my gosh, crazy! It was beautiful :) I hope all is well and I want to see you soon!


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