Friday, July 23, 2010

a midsummer night's babble

Hello, my sweets. Last night I took the liberty of vlogging. Laugh, cry, enjoy ;)...

For the information and links discussed during our chat: learn more about my editor position at Go Backpacking, view the previously-live (I'm on camera at 1:02!) video feed of the Robert Verdi Tweet This party - Getaway edition , find out about the details of my healthful detox, and get your own 30 days for $30 of yoga. Otherwise, have a very happy Friday and weekend. See you soon!


  1. nice video, you look fantastic! :)
    you look shy but in the same time very open.

  2. Bogdan: Aw, ha, thank you!

    Little Bookworm: Thanks sweetheart!

  3. danielle,

    nice video. you are really very pretty and I like you laidback style of vlogging. Cute.


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