Sunday, March 14, 2010

rain or shine

Despite my weatherly optimism, the beginning of my spring break has chosen to go the rainy route. Ah well. Maybe it'll be enough to wash away any post-breakup sadness and post-midterm stress? Let's hope so, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for bundles of sun this week ;).
The first thing I did to kick-off this vacation was make myself a stovetop breakfast. Unfortunately, it was nowhere near photogenic enough, so I've replaced it with this amazing one by les jumeaux de légume's. Banana oatmeal, almond butter & coffee = just what I've always wanted.
I spent most of my day researching for my Communications Law paper, so by three, I knew I deserved a treat, (I'm so proud of myself for saying this), a run. But despite my best fitness intentions, Mother Nature was not having it. Instead of heading outside like I'd hoped, I bravely drove through the storm to my mom's gym for a treadmill workout with this fun-loving soul. This guy is too fabulous :) as was the run.
Before I left I had the carbalicious roasted vegetable wrap pictured to the left and upon my return, ate the crackers and hummus as a pre-shower snack. Afterwards, came primp time.
And one bowl of soup and train ride later, Chris and I found ourselves in broken umbrella land, Harlem.
Bianca's 23rd celebration plan was to go bowling, but that outing had to be rain-checked in exchange for a house party. Either way, I was so happy to meet so many of my cousin's friends.
Following a few glasses of wine, I found myself hungry again (surprise, surprise) and snacked on some cheese and French bread. The photo above was the end result :).
Then came the cake and champagne. I truly hope my cousin had the happiest of birthdays!
I know I had such a wonderful time! Earlier that day, I was looking at my former internship site, Modelinia. In a recent blog post, the staffers included a quote by model Filippa Hamilton"Above all, [when traveling] go into a place and try to be as open as you can to every kind of culture, try not to think of what you left behind but try to be as present as you can in the moment." I found this true in travel and in life, and thankfully, no matter where either has taken me I've been embraced with open arms by everyone I meet.
A little less satisfying, on the other hand, was the wait at the Harlem 125th Street Station. Chris and I missed our train back by 10 seconds and ended up having to wait forty-five minutes for the very last one of the night... with the time change, I wasn't asleep until 5 a.m. Oy vey.
Needless to say, I woke up half past noon today. Although I was quite hungry, I knew that we were having company over soon for my great-grandmothers birthday so I kept breakfast light.
All it took was some green tea, a slice of toast, smidgen of almond butter, half a banana, and a sprinkling of flax seed... I can't get over how lovely when it's broken down like that, yum :).
And within a few hours, as in an hour and a half later, I was already onto lunch. Haha.
Since we had never really had a family birthday part for my sister, we sung to her as well. I really don't think I realize how much I miss the fam until I'm back home with them again. But did this good day end there? Ha, oh no, Chrissie and I had still some business to attend to: 
Planning our summer road trip! It's obviously in the very early stages but these are our destination spots so far. If anyone finds their own home on there please let me know. We'd love to meet you!
Finally, for dinner tonight I just had this eggy microwave creation, and after a quick yoga sesh, will be sleeping soon. I'm so exhausted and have a big city day ahead of me! The beginning of spring is breaking down quite nicely. Hope you'll stay tuned!
P.S. Oh shamrock cookies and Irish soda bread... who's excited for St. Paddy's Day? I know I am!


  1. What a weekend!! Lame for being stuck in a train station and going to bed so dang late (or early)...but YAY FOR so many amazing celebrations!!! French bread + cheese = heaven. Seriously. Don't know anything better.


    happy birthday to your sis!!!


  2. Ahh it sounds like you're having such a fun time right now--as am I :)

    I may have also recently had some stovetop oats and an eggy creation for dinner as well....and I looove the sound of a simple slice of toast with nut butta, flax and banana as much as you do!

    Mary's CRACK is the best. And happy late bday to your cuz :)

    Ps! Did you ever end up going to Spain while studying abroad?? If so, i'd loveee to hear anything you have to say about it! I may be going next spring! XOXO

  3. glidingcalm: You're so right! I know, we shall meet soon my love :)

    jesslikesithot: Wonderful, so glad to hear it! P.S. I went to Barcelona... and promise to send you an email about previous Spanish travels as well. I'm a big fan!

  4. Whoo road trip! Portland and the west coast especially jump out at me because my own time there was so much fun--I've always loved the vibe!

    Enjoy your spring break and I wish you a speedy recovery from the trauma of midterms and break ups. Surround yourself with goodness.

  5. HEY LOVE!!
    AHHHH i need to read your blog like EVERYDAY.. marking it RIGHT NOW! bc it is AWESOME! your eats look amazingggggggg. sorry about midterms and breakups-those are no fun. i have no doubt you will bounce back lovely!

  6. Girl you are so pretty!!!

    Well it looks like your cousins bday party was a blast!! I love wine!!! The cake looked amazing too!!! What kind was it? Yum!!!!!!

    Stay strong and positive beautiful, we all get into rough patches in our lives, it will get better! xoxoxoxo

  7. Post-breakup blues? If you need anything, let me know girly.

  8. 125th Street Station? Were you taking the Metro North home? I've missed that train at Fordham by 10 seconds, too...I'm usually so tired I end up gypsy cabbing it home, then get mad at myself the next morning for wasting thirty bucks.

    Hope the blues go away soon...breakups are hard, even if they're for the best :(

    AMAZING road trip plan! I wish I lived in one of those cities, but I'm an NYC/Philly girl :) Have a great Monday!

  9. It's kind of amazing how planning a trip can perk you up. Your road trip plan looks INSANE INSANE INSANE!! So envious...I wish I could do this.

    I hope you feel better soon sweetie.

  10. your weekend puts mine to shame! looked like such fun!

  11. What an awesome recap--great eats and fun activities.
    A road trip sounds like so much fun! If you're ever in the Deep South, let me know:)

  12. rustique: Amazing, I'm so excited! And thank you so very much, that is invaluable advice :).

    ktbwood: Darling, your enthusiasm is contagious :) thanks for everything!

    Katie ♥: Aw, thanks, you're too sweet! Thanks, they bought it from Coldstone, it was raspberry with ice cream, and amazing. The positive encouragement is oh so appreciated!

    gapingwhole: Haha, it was huge! With a whole lotta rice :/

    Jenny: Thanks darling!

    Gabriela: Yes! Ugh, I know how that is! Thank you for your understanding. You too :)

    La: Am I right?! Come with, even if it's just via the blog ;) thanks so much.

    Janetha: Haha, aw, thank you!

    BroccoliHut: 'Twas. Will do, we're hoping to get to 'bama if we can!

  13. Danielle! It's Cyndee, I see you'll be going through Madison, WI. It's pretty close to where I am, maybe we could meet!
    P.s. love your blog.

  14. Cynthia Schweigert: Oh my gosh! I cannot believe you're reading... I'm blushing :) of course, of course, of course we can! See you soon and thank you! Hope all is well!

  15. Danielle--
    I am in the Portland area! Would love to show you around or at least make some recommendations ;) Let me know when you've got some solid plans!

  16. Whitney: For sure! I'll keep you posted :)


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