Friday, March 26, 2010

happy hours

Despite our best hopes and efforts, sometimes things just don't work out. Take last night's game between Syracuse and Butler, for example. Although the second part of my first sentence is arguable, my friends and I congregated at Chuck's last night (along with a couple of random Cornell/Kentucky fans) to support our team in all of it's Orange glory. And then, we lost :(.
"The Sweet 16 turned sour for the Syracuse Orange." Okay, that's the last we'll speak of that. Nonetheless, I don't believe that we should be any more hopeful for bigger and better things in our future, both on and off of the court. I have only fifty days left until graduation (scary? exciting?) and I'm going to try to all that I can to make each one of those 1,200 hours, happy.
Ah, breakfast, a no-fail happy time. Strawberry and banana is my all time favorite combination and paired with a scoop of the delectable Marantha No-Stir Almond Butter it was a perfectly wonderful start to my day. By the way, this is my first time trying a Marantha nut butter, and I have to say that it blows my mind! I don't understand what took me so long to buy it either, it was the cheapest on the shelf. Anyway :) yesterday, I filled myself with other feel-good things too...
I enjoyed both of my classes, ate yummy things, called my Mom, had a great run as planned, cleaned my room, made further progress in the job search, and I spent time with friends. Not to mention that I recently discovered three things to be proud of, a sure-fire smile enhancer:
And last but not least, if all else fails, some tips from a Women's Health self-help happiness article, How to Be Happier.

Find your good side -> " Finding ways to use your character strengths on a daily basis will directly lead to feeling better about yourself and your life in general... Doing good makes you feel good." 

Fuel your resilience -> "The more skillful you become at bouncing back, the less any kind of adversity will be able to shake your inner sense of well-being...'Shit happens, but that doesn't mean I have to stand in it.'" 

Engage in Mind-Bending Behavior -> "Studies now show that changes in behavior can also have positive effects on your brain chemistry... Those who completed the study [in meditation] showed increased activity in their brain's pleasure center and reported feeling more positive and at ease... [And] you won't be surprised to hear that exercise has also been found to change your brain — and disposition — for the better." 

Know that some things matter little... -> Not wealth, an advanced degree, youth, a warm weather environment, or having a family were proven to have any effect on overall happiness. 

And that some things matter big -> "[In a] survey of 909 women, the activity enjoyed above all others was socializing with friends... people enjoy themselves most when they're so fully engaged in what they're doing that they lose all sense of place, time, and even self."

"You have to make yourself happy." I'd don't personally find the term self-help to be all happiness-inducing but I do agree that it's in our best interest to actively work towards our own well-being. 

Q: What is it that you think or do simply to make yourself happy?


  1. That game was beyond devastating, but at least you were at Chucks so I am sure you moved beyond it rather quickly ;) lol. Love the happiness tips too! It is always good to have a little reminder and keep things in perspective!
    I wish you were going to be in Syracuse for one more semester! We could have some epic bloggie adventures!

  2. If you go to Villanova you learn to expect this kind of let down.

  3. Congrats on being published in Fitness, I have that issue at home so I can't wait to check it out!!

    That mountain of pesto on your pasta is making my mouth water...

  4. Aww bummer that Syracuse you can cheer on my Blue Devils instead;)
    Great get-happy tips!

  5. Jennifer: Haha ;) and thanks. I'll come back just to visit you psuedo-little one!

    HangryPants: Well, I mean, the football team has us trained... but we expected more from basketball. Haha :)

    Gabriela: Thanks so much girlie! It was delish.

    BroccoliHut: That is an alternative, thank you!

  6. BABY GIRL!! only 50 more days!!! so crazyyyyyyyyyyy!

    love all your eatums- ive been dying to try Maranatha!!

    hurray for your articles and editing work!! Fitness mag is so cool!


  7. that bowl with maranatha looks awesome!

    and those mantras at the end are amazing...<3 you!

  8. Congratulations on your recent accomplishments! Wowza!

    To be happy, I spend time with the people who make me feel best about myself. That's what I plan on doing this weekend : )

  9. glidingcalm: Isn't it?! Thanks darling, love you too!

    Trying to Heal: Oh it was :) thanks sweetheart. xo

    Susan: Thank you! Sounds like the thing to do!

  10. Aww, sorry for the loss. At least you had fun with friends. :-)

    Congrats on being published in Fitness...that's really neat!

  11. Girlfriend! Sorry I've been such a bloggie slacker lately. I just got caught up on all that's been happening to you. I think that you have the healthiest outlook ever and I could not be more excited about what's going on in your life right now :o) You are talented, gorgeous and just oh-so-awesome.

    Speaking of that talent...holy congratulations are in order for being published in Fitness again! I can't wait to check it out. You rock! So in awe.

    Have a fabulous weekend, lovely!

  12. Emily: That's definitely the best way to look at it :) thanks!

    Jenn (eating bender): Don't worry about it baby girl, you've got a lot of exciting things going on right now! I appreciate your support, thanks for everything! You too :)


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