Tuesday, March 30, 2010

maple syrup nerds

Oh hello :). Let's get to explaining that title... back to Sunday. C graduated from Syracuse last spring and Dani has visited multiple times before so I wanted this weekend visit to be special and unique. In doing so, I stumbled upon this fantastic little farm in Cazenovia, a Maple Syrup farm that hosts all-you-can-eat weekend brunches. 
We decided that it would most likely beat any iHop breakfast and made the 20-minute ride over to the Critz Farms rural quaintness. Now when I say "we" I'm including K and other friends from our freshman year floor in the Honors dorm. Yes, I really am as cool as I seem ;).
There are positives to not living in the middle of somewhere, this I can assure you.
I bought one 2 oz. bottle of maple syrup and raspberry preserves to bring home. I was this close to buying pumpkin butter too... but then decided that I was feeling ready for spring, not fall.
And then we found breakfast: an array of home-cooked blueberry pancakes, scrambled eggs,
roasted potatoes, ham, cinnamon french toast,
and lots of the most delicious butter and syrup I have ever had in my entire life.
For not being a big maple syrup fan, I was won over completely, and then some. It was unlike any natural sweetener I had ever tasted! And the butter, ah, the butter... there aren't even words :). I will be back soon to that little farm. By the way, how do you pronounce that word, syrup? I go the see-rup route, but I have friends that say srrrup. So weird, they are.
Afterwards, I dropped everyone off at their respective work locations and continued downtown with C and Dani. 
We went to the M.O.S.T. otherwise known as the museum of science and technology. The Sunday afternoon crowd was mostly made up of young families, but care we did not, we had a Chem teacher in tow! Not to mention that it was ridiculously fun, haha. Especially when we flew in a small airplane via the motion simulator. There is no better way to be sometimes than young at heart.
It was also where we learned all about the "ancient" uses of meat juice with their exhibit on vintage pharmaceutical equipment. Yuck!
Afterwards, despite our big breakfasts and the mildly gross sights, I felt the need for a pick-me-up. And so I joined C's sorority sister reunion coffee date at Freedom of Espresso. The weather was dismal and the company was anything but.
And there you have it! I said goodbye to my favorite Queens pair soon after and went home for dinner and, the gym. Props to Kate for suggesting it, I'd wanted to run earlier. Having endurance made me enjoy the treadmill more but I still prefer the good ol' outdoors. Especially in nice weather. Speaking of, looks like quite a lot of it is coming my way, as is a best friend from home. Stay tuned as "Chrissie meets Syracuse." I know you're just about as excited as I am! ;)

Q: What makes special things can you only see/do where you live?


  1. That breakfast spot looks amaze. All you can eat, plus delicious maple syrup? Count me in!! Glad you had a good weekend with your visiting friends!! Have a great night chica :)

  2. Kudos on your will power--I'm not sure I could have resisted the pumpkin butter:)

  3. I'm from Syracuse too...love critz farms!

  4. What a charming little farm! I bet that syrup was just delicious because it's so fresh. I'm more of a srrrrrup girl, by the way ;)

    I love being a "local tourist"! Around the Bay Area there is some amazing seafood, which I definitely need to start having more often!

  5. Intense maple syrup there!
    I don't think I could list the amount of museums, shopping, etc my city has but it's all city-life. It's nice to have some unique nature-esque things out there!

  6. Gabriela: Come one, come all! ;)

    BroccoliHut: Haha, oddly enough it was just my lack of cravings that did it. I'll probably stop by next fall!

    carriebojo: Oh, it was great! Can't believe it was my first time there.

    Thinspired: Haha, you would've loved it! The Bay Area does have quite the offerings, hope you enjoy 'em!

    whataboutsummer: You're not kidding! And I suppose there are worse things to complain about ;) enjoy your tourist destination and I hope the actual tourists don't bother you too much!


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