Friday, March 5, 2010

off with their heads

Hello Friday! I've officially left yesterday's head of blah behind, and guess what? I'm as good as new!
As my migraine lifted last night I found myself absolutely starving. My tummy, however, was hardly feeling ready. To make my whole body happy, I eased into relieving my hunger with plain, easy to digest foods. Can't say I didn't enjoy 'em though, especially the POM juice that I received in the mail earlier that day. I like to think that the antioxidants speeded along my recovery.
This morning I awoke ravenous, only to find that I'm almost out of oats. I immediately improvised and made a scrumptious mess of the remaining plain yogurt, walnuts, and an apple. Just what I needed to get myself out the door Hair Habitat.
I love everything about going to a hair salon, especially an eco-friendly studio one like this one: getting the shampoo, chatting with the stylist, and walking out with a fresh new 'do. I think this is one of my best cuts to date. She trimmed, layered, and angled... thoughts?
Then I met my roommate in Wonderland! From noon to two we watched Alice in Wonderland with our 3D glasses, and it was amazing. There is not a doubt in my mind that Tim Burton is a genius. After a bit of a traffic hiccup, in continuation of my bright and shiny Friday, I stopped by A La Mode for a lunch treat. As I always have, I ordered the Veggie Delight wrap (with hummus, romaine, bell peppers, avocado, cucumbers, olives, and carrots) to go.
And when I came home, I stumbled upon this in my mail box: a postcard from Gliding Calm. I cannot even imagine the incredible sights she's seen during her weeks in India! Thank you, sweetheart! As for now, "the time has come, my little friends, to talk of other things," and I'm off to Happy Hour Vinyasa. A wonderous beginning to a weekend indeed. Wishing the same for you!
Now, beneath it all
I am still resilience 
And I am forever mine


  1. I love love love going to a salon! Just a nice time out from real life. You look adorable!

  2. I love the salon as well. Your cut looks great, and I'm so jealous that you saw Alice in Wonderland...

  3. I think that getting your hair done is one of the most relaxing things in the world. Love the trim! I'm glad you liked the movie because I am dying to see it! Tim Burton is a genius, indeed.

  4. La: So true, thank you!

    brunettewalksintoabar: Thanks! So go see it ;)

    K from ksgoodeats: Oh for sure, thank you! I'd definitely recommend it. Brings me back :)

  5. Baby gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl!
    I adore you!!!
    so glad that your card arrived!! I didn't send too many out, because it was a bit crazy figuring out how to get them to the post office, but I'm so glad yours arrived!!! You were the first!!! Both my Dad and I sent cards to my Ma, and we still haven't gotten them at our house! LOL

    the haircut is sooo beautiful!! and that first pic of you in the mirror is HAWT. I love grey as a color to wear!!!

    a hummus wrap sounds delicious too! I haven't had hummus in like ......well wait, I did have it ONCE in India, but still- it has been a long time!!!

    sorry you have been feeling under the weather!!! I hope your tummy is back up 100%.


  6. glidingcalm: I adore you too! I cannot thank you enough :) and aw, you make me blush. I pulled the "I don't know if you'll even be able to see my hair in this picture," look and I'm glad you found it sexy ;) delicious, enjoy all the Americana food. Love you!

  7. That haircut looks sosososo cute on you! I adore.

    And that breakfast "mess" and the wrap look amazing right now!

    Hope you're having a lovely night girl :)

  8. jesslikesithot: Thank you! You're wonderful.


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