Saturday, March 6, 2010

senior priorities

Bonjour mes amis! Today has been glorious so far, the kind of day in which nothing that you plan on doing actually gets done because what actually takes place is even better. I might go as far to say that my dear old friend, senioritis, may have made an appearance as well. Gosh, I have missed seeing that one around ;).
It began innocently enough, with the standard green tea and oatmeal breakfast. Sometimes I debate whether or not I should take a picture of these bowls, (I mean, let's be serious, I basically have had one each and every morning since I began this academic year) but most of the time, it looks so damn good that I just can't help myself. Just saying because although I personally don't mind the delicious mundanity of it all, I do worry that my mornings bore you. Please say it ain't so!
I then quickly put my face on and made my way over to Wegman's with K to see her friend Richie that was hosting a beer tasting. Now, let's get something straight ;) I do not do beer in the morning. What happened was that I drank so much coffee the night before (in an attempt to stay productive), didn't fall asleep until 4 a.m. this morning, and consequently woke up about noon.
And so it was nearly 2:30 p.m. when I tried samples of the Ithaca Beer Company Nut Brown and Ground Break. It got both K and I excited for the beer section of our Wine & Beer Appreciation class. Following our spring break (and our Monday night midterm on wine, eek) we will be delving into all that is hippity-hoppity. Pun intended, I saw the Easter display and got excited.
We ended up staying well into my lunch time. To relieve the hunger pangs, I bought a brown rice vegetable sushi roll and ate it in the car on the way to our next destination. This time around, we had a more studious plan involved with caffeinated, not alcoholic, beverages.
We ended up here, at Freedom of Espresso. Richie, however, had nothing to study of course, and so rather than hit the books, we chatted and bonded over coffee, mochas, and green teas. Somewhere in the middle I felt a little snacky and reached into my bag for some Larabar peanut butter cookie time, (it has been too long!) and before I knew it, it was time to go. To be honest, the entire afternoon was about a million times better than any Communication Law or French Business review would have been. Wow, who would've thought?
Once home, I prepared myself some dinner. Side note: Oftentimes I feel as though my days revolve around food. I suppose that may very well be because I have a food blog, and as such, photograph most meals. Great. Anyway, I had pasta from the night before, a quick salad, and then going onto bowl #3, made some of Dr. McDougall's Lentil Couscous Soup.
I bought a few of these "just-add-water" soup cups a long time ago but have obviously not been making enough use of them. This one was a pleasant surprise, both flavorful and filling. And now that I've run out of meals for the day, I really should try to get more some work done, but! another birthday fiesta is calling, and I'm afraid I must oblige. Roommates only turns 22 once, my friends... it's called, priorities ;).


  1. Yeaaa Ithaca Beer Co. Represent. Hope you liked it!

  2. Emily: It was delish! I've always been a fan of their Apricot Wheat :)

  3. shuuuuuuuuushiiiiiiiii droooool
    i think im getting meself some TONIGHT!!! (with mama GC ! yayo!)

    also gave you a shout out in my post! :D

    lovesssssssy you

  4. There is nothing mundane about oatmeal. Period.

    There is also nothing wrong with days revolving around food. To quote you back to you, "it's called, priorities." ;)

  5. glidingcalm: Lucky you enjoy! And thanks sweetie pie :) glad you liked it!

    Diana: I need someone to say that, thank you! Hahaha, so true.

  6. A beer tasting then studying? Yeah, you sound like my kind of girl!

    Senioritis and I are BFF lately...ahhh!!

  7. La: Haha, love it. Good luck baby girl!


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