Monday, May 25, 2009

the juice feast: day 1

That's right my dears, juice feast. I feel amazing, so light and energetic, and even if I don't love all of my juices (ahem, red drink) allowing them to heal my body has been great! So far, so good :).
I began today's regimen late since I was up late last night at my annual Memorial Day BBQ... I did get an early birthday song out of it though so I was happy ;). Besides a slice of cake and some grilled shrimp I concentrated on vegetables and fruit to prepare myself for the 3-Day Cleanse. Anyway, I immediately reached for a young coconut upon waking this morning. Oh my gosh, coconut water! It's so incredibly refreshing, I cannot wait to wake up tomorrow!
I had quite the relaxing Monday. Following the water I practiced a few yoga poses, took a long shower, and took my time getting ready until I felt the need to nourish myself again. That's when I had my first green drink, a blend of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients, otherwise known as greens. It was alright, the spicy celery flavor was dominant, but I guzzled it down and it filled me right up. It was blended fresh here, at Andy's Pure Food, early this morning, as was the electrolyte lemonade, which I drank about an hour and a half later. This one was wonderful, a really nice combination of tangy and sweet. Afterwards I went out and about with my mom to run some errands. Did I mention she's cleansing with me? We both packed our red drinks with us to have along the way. Gross. I am not looking forward to two more of these red cabbage juices!
Still, we're both pretty damn dedicated and finished those babies right up. Apparently the gourmet and specialty foods at T.J.Maxx are the ideal distraction! When we got finally got home we had our second green drink of the day. I basically lounged around reading as I drank mine, and once I was done headed out again, this time to meet the boy at the movies (two thumbs up for X-Men Origins: Wolverine).

I brought another juice in tow, of course :). This one is fantastic, apple, aloe & mint were most definitely made for each other. We have ourselves a winning favorite people! Ha, now I'm home again, winding down with the finale of each day's cleanse, raw almond milk. I have to admit, I was scared to try my first nut milk, but I'm quite impressed with it in all it's creamy almond glory. Oh look at that, it's time for bed already! Ciao bellas, I hope you had fun this weekend!

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