Monday, May 18, 2009

summer has arrived

Why hello there. How are you? Really though... how are you?

Joanna, a writer for Glamour's Smitten blog, asked her own readers the same question this morning. It's an important one! We may half-heartedly say it about a million times a day but too often we fail to listen to the response, especially when it comes to asking ourselves. So, whether you're a constant commenter, an occasional opinion, or even the silent type, I truly hope you think about it. :)
As for me, I'm happy and exhausted. Yesterday marked my first day at Modelinia, a fabulous new site that provides an insiders peak into the lives of the world's top models to inspire us all. It's been amazing, a wonderful opportunity, this is going to be such a great summer. Now, as a "working woman," I've got to make sure to look stylish daily ;) and I thought I'd share one of the two outfits I've worn so far. The photo is blurry and the angle isn't flattering, but you get the idea right? Ha.
It was taken in a rush because I had to change for my little sister's Confirmation, as her sponsor I couldn't afford to be late! After the religious ceremony, my parents hosted a dinner party at a local Italian restaurant to celebrate with our family and a few friends. It was fun, of course, but a semi-late night and I had another full day at the office today. Phew :) good thing I have the day off tomorrow to relax!
Hopefully I'll be able to use the time to dig into my new book that just arrived. I'm using Natalia Rose's latest publication as my guide towards the raw-er lifestyle I told you all that I'm currently craving, and I'm incredibly excited to start! I had what some may consider a photo shoot with it and another new cookbook this evening yet failed to realize that my first few shots were actually video footage...
Is that not hysterical? In the few seconds that I was recording the best line from the Rent soundtrack just happened to be playing. What are the odds? ;) It made my day, haha. Now I should call the boy before I drift off into a spectacularly heavy sleep. I have to be well-rested for Wednesday! In addition to reading, I have plans to see Shrek on Broadway with my sister (our uncle bought us tickets for both of our birthdays.) Have a good night lovelies, I'll be seeing ya! :)
"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra." -Jimmy Johnson

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