Wednesday, May 13, 2009

the four seasons

Sweet strawberries and grilled summer squash; orange pumpkin and autumn harvest apples; juicy pears and winter carrot ginger soup; tender, leafy greens and summer-fresh basil. These natural, wholesome, oh so good for you foods are bursting with health, as with flavor, at their seasonal peak, yet I still see people at the grocery store purchasing dull and bland fruits and vegetables year round. Enter Elderberry Pond for an experience spectacular enough to make even the fall citrus-lover second guess their eating habits.

"The Restaurant at Elderberry Pond is located on the farm in a wooded lot overlooking the orchards, vinyards and seasonal vegetable plantings.  Our menu features fresh produce picked daily, pasture raised meats from our farm and other organic or sustainable farms, fresh seafood selections and an excellent selection of wines, beers, coffees and teas from around the world."  I had been their once last year and was still raving about it... so when the opportunity came for me to bring my boyfriend there for dinner I knew I had no choice.
The picture may not look like much but don't be fooled, this home-churned butter and soft, chewy sliced bread was beyond incredible!I had the special chunky spring vegetable soup as an appetizer. It was sooo tasty and the shaved parmesan added the perfect little something. Oh my gosh delicious. The boy began with a mixed field green salad so that he could "get in his greens." He catches on quite quickly, huh? :)

Then came the beautiful entrées, mine, a spinach salad with grilled salmon, roasted red peppers, and sliced mushroom.
These were the most incredible spinach leaves I've ever seen or ate! As for his plate... wow. The boy had the fantastic sea bass special served with mashed red potatoes, and crispy asparagus.Is it going to far to describe this as divine perfection? We both had such a wonderful time, I couldn't have imagined a better dinner with a more amazing date. Then we tried to take a picture outside on the deck without flash so that we could see the lovely grounds. It didn't work, but we do make for a nice shadow couple ;). "A 100 Acre Certified Organic Farm producing a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs, cut flowers and pasture raised meats"... when can I move in?! In addition to their farm and restaurant there's also the most adorable Country Food Store. So yeah, if you happen to be in the Syracuse-area I obviously highly recommend this little rural retreat, otherwise perhaps try Manhattan's Citrus Bar & Grill, the planned location of my 21st birthday dinner and drinks as of today. Hope your having a very happy humpday, see you tomorrow!

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