Friday, May 15, 2009

the thrill of the unknown

Hi everyone, sorry I wasn't around yesterday. I was stuck at the DMV during the time I was planning on blogging... oh responsibilities :). At least I can count on receiving my new license by May 29th sans the "Under 21" message, sooo excited! Anyway, enough about me, I'd like to focus on my boyfriend and best friends who I'm so ridiculously proud of for having graduated a little less than a week ago...

CONGRATULATIONS S.U. CLASS OF 2009! They're all such amazing people and I cannot wait to experience their success in all aspects of life. {And on that note, I'd like to add that that excitement reaches far beyond the Dome to countless bloggies: Tyler, Melissa, Jenn, Sarah, and many more who have been such inspirations to me. Best of luck with everything!} The Syracuse weather went from beautiful to pitiful so I didn't personally take any pictures with the graduates but the boy's sister has a few great ones that I'll share when I get 'em.
In the mean time, after everyone's family had left, I took my graduate to a small Mexican favorite near campus, Alto Cinco. Even though I can't legally drink yet it doesn't mean I didn't check out the wine list! Look at those reds! Yep, the two spectacular countries of Chile and France both represented right there, what a surprising shout-out :). I ate all of my Vegetarian Special Burrito turned vegan since I requested it without any cheese or sour cream.. .and it was yummmmy, served right alongside a great little salad. Now, who else is looking forward to the next few days? One of my absolute best friends is stopping by the house this afternoon, I'm seeing my boyfriend after, and then we're going to see my little sister's play. I love the weekend. Plus, I begin one of two internships on Monday! I'd love to provide you with more information as I'm beyond thrilled about it but I've got to get the "okay" first. Thank God it's Friday, enjoy it!

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