Saturday, August 29, 2009

and life is what we make It

Always has been, always will be. Hello my dears, please pardon my MIA-ness today! I'm back at school, yes my home university, for my fourth year as a college student. I'm actually a senior. I'm sure that you could have figured that out :) but I have to practice saying writing it for my own sake.

It just blows my mind. What happened to being a junior?! Oh yes, that's right. I was traveling the world (I suppose quite literally, although it sounds too elitist for my liking.) While I was packing I literally could not remember how I had done it in the past: which bags did I use? how were they organized? do I really need all of this... stuff? Afterwards we packed up my father's truck and my own car to the brim: is there any possibility that this will all fit into my room? has it ever?

Much to my surprise, it did. Every article of clothing, product, stationary, and the countless decorative I've collected over the years fit into my tiny corner of the Alpha Chi Omega (K, that's for you) sorority house. And I'm not going to lie, it fits pretty damn well :). My room became my new home in a matter of 6 hours of unpacking and reorganizing. Then my roommate, one very sweet best friend, brought me back a delicious slice of veggie pizza for dinner.

I don't remember what I was so afraid of. Because, oh my gosh, my dears, I was petrified yesterday. I've clearly been here twice in the past year, but it was just visiting, and I wasn't sure that I could handle being a full-time student in a non-exotic place while living in my sorority house without about half of my beloved friends that graduated last year. Not to mention the worry of "Is everyone still going to like me," which led to "Am I still going to like everyone else?" Both very dangerous.

It's all enough to drive a girl insane, and it did, for a while... until I was reminded about the fact that it was going to be my last year, the best one according to many, and I wouldn't be able to fully enjoy it if I was getting so worked up. So, a couple of deep breaths (and a glass of Merlot, or two) later I realized: This familiar campus may not be a foreign country, but it's challenging in it's own way and that's alright. It's yet another exciting adventure, and I hope you'll join.

I'll be back in a couple of days since back to school time is a busy one :). In the mean time I will be using all of those products pictures above quite frequently I'm sure. They were all a very generous gift from Fitness, plus an incredible pair of Patagonia sneakers of which I will be sure to debut on my first outdoorsy experience of the season ;). I think I'm ready now, are you?

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