Wednesday, August 19, 2009

the betty crocker route

As I've mentioned before, my summer internships have wrapped up. I feel as though I've learned and experienced so much through two amazing opportunities at both Fitness magazine and Modelinia. Please trust me when I say that the two platforms are run by an wonderfully talented and hardworking individuals that I am so happy to know. So, in my appreciation, I baked.

For Modelinia I made "soft and chewy" Oatmeal Cookies,

bursting with the "rich sweet-tart flavors of dark chocolate, almonds, and cranberries."

They were a hit! The President even said that they should have added baking to my responsibilities ;).

As for Fitness, I whipped up some Whole Wheat Banana Berry Muffins,

with a sweet banana base chock full of fresh blueberries and toasted almonds.

I don't have any staff feedback quite yet, since I'm bringing them in tomorrow for my thank you lunch with my boss, but I'll keep you posted. The tiny taste I had was yummy :).

Both recipes are from the new Moosewood Restaurant Cooking for Health cookbook that should be available this November. Speaking of, I'm hoping to visit the venue behind this masterpiece and many others this year as it's only a short drive from my university and I'll definitely let you know when I do! In the mean time, an optimistic push from the MTA and me: "Act as if it were impossible to fail."

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