Friday, August 7, 2009

olive you

Once upon a time, at a university in central New York, a girl dressed herself up in tin foil and went to a party. It was bittersweet, as she knew it was one of the last times she was going to be with most of her friends again, but she was determined to have a great night.
She did. And in the weeks that followed, she realized that it had turned out to be better than she ever could have imagined. She was on cloud 9 and all thanks to a new special someone. This boy loved meat, while she preferred to eat vegetarian, he frequented the gym daily, and she savored her long walks and yoga practice, yet they complimented each other. The pair worked surprisingly well.
With each passing day they got closer and more attached. As summer began it seemed like the perfect fairy tale... except for one minor problem, her traveling endeavors. On June 15th she left the United States for a month in Ecuador before living in Chile for the next five after that.

She had an amazing time exploring South America and forming friendships with her host family but how she missed him so.

Still, they kept in touch and so closely so that eventually they began dating on August 10th.

Nevertheless, six months is a long time. The girl was worried that she had exaggerated their connection.

But within moments of their reunion she knew it weren't so. He still was that boy she had so fondly remembered and missed, and their three weeks together in December were absolute bliss. Until, she left again.
This time for only four months, to Strasbourg, France, as she tried to learn her best friend's native tongue.
Jet-setting across Europe and settling into her new home was spectacular, and again, she learned a lot.
She knew that her experiences had changed her but she doubted that their relationship had faltered.And much to her relief, she was right. If they could survive the challenge of ten months apart, then their struggles must have been worthwhile. The girl and the boy had their quarrels, as all couples do, but above all, they were very much in love. So, although this story is unfinished, it holds promise, possibility and hope as to whether happy endings really do exist... or, at the very least, a happy anniversary :).
Hello sweethearts, did you not know I had all that hopeless romantic cheese in me? ;) I'm home today despite plans to work because I really am not feeling 100% but tomorrow the boy and I are taking a weekend getaway. It's his last few days of freedom (he moves into his med school apartment soon) and Monday marks our one year together. Wishing you all a fantastic weekend as well!

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