Thursday, August 20, 2009

frozen summer treats

Last week when the health nut (aka my g-ma) was staying with us, she asked if I would like to go shopping. Now, you should know, that I love to shop, whether it's finding the perfect dress, wall hanging, mascara, or summer squash, but aside from groceries, I don't do it that often. My busy schedule and tight wallet just don't allow for it. So, I obviously said yes :).

We went to Bloomingdale's, the location of the best "ladies who lunch" café, La Provence, and the scrumptious frozen yogurt bar, Forty Carrots. It had been more than a year since my last frozen treat so I was incredibly excited, then... disappointed.

Not right away, of course. The (huge) small-sized cup was tart and divine, it tasted better than I had even remembered! However, as we left, I felt it. My body did not like frozen yogurt anymore. You see, I, unintentionally, haven't been eating dairy for in the past month and a half.
As I focused on whole, unprocessed, clean vegetables and fruits, a diet that was more raw food-based , I stopped having my morning yogurt, afternoon café con leche, dinner with fromage. I did so without any deprivation, only noticing when I figured out why the lactose in the frozen yogurt was making me sick. And my new habit, or lack there of, may not be such a bad thing.

Did you know that red meat and dairy are responsible for nearly half of all greenhouse gas emissions from food for an average U.S. household? Eek. I'm not officially swearing off dairy, and gosh, even though I sometimes refer to myself as a vegetarian, I do eat fish and have a bite of steak once in a blue moon, but, as I've said before, every little choice makes a big difference.

Let's be serious, cookie dough'nt you want some? Oh wait, that's Coldstone. I miss it already ;)
(Edited to Add): Oh my gosh! Girls! I bought the wrong "ice-cream"... VeggieGirl, I don't like too eat much soy either, and Christina, I meant to buy the coconut milk version! This one must have been placed with the other new coconut flavors by mistake and I didn't even notice :(. It just goes to show you: even those who consider themselves health-conscious and observant need to carefully check labels.

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