Thursday, August 27, 2009


This has been quite the summer, I've worked long interning days throughout many busy weeks... and I couldn't be happier. I just may graduate with a job (or two) next year. It feels so amazing to know that all my hard work and dedication was recognized by the wonderful people I had the opportunity to work for and with. And yet, I'm ready for the break that awaits, I don't have to be an adult quite yet :).
So, I made sure that my first Friday off (since I've gotten home from France) was sensational, and oh was it! First I met Leslie for a glorious Gorilla sized salad lunch at Bonobo's. I have so much in common with this girl it's scary, except not at all, it's great and so is she. I can't wait until we hang out again!

Afterwards I took a stroll around Gramercy park.
It was beautiful.

Then I met Gena for a refreshing Thai green juice at One Lucky Duck. I feel so fortunate to know such a brilliant and caring woman. I had an incredible time chatting until she was off to work as well.

And so I ended up in Union Square.

Their farmers market is just fantastic.

"We can't help being thirsty, moving toward the voice of water. Milk drinkers draw close to the mother. Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, shamans, everyone hears the intelligent sound and moves with thirst to meet it." Drink up and savor the beauty of summer, darlings :).

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  1. Not sure which I like more, the natural gourmet food stand or the outstanding farmers market!


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