Wednesday, August 12, 2009

weekend getaway (1 of 3)

The boy came down on Friday night so that we could leave immediately upon waking on Saturday. We were on the road by eight and within an hour had arrived at our destination.
Milford, Connecticut, a small coastal town between Bridgeport and New Haven, seems like an unlikely place and it definitely was random. But the deals that we got were too good to pass up ;).Luckily it was adorable, a corner of quintessential New England. We went directly to Tony's when we got there for our kayaks. I was embarrassingly nervous. I'd never kayaked before and I was afraid to get crushed by a boat, sucked out to sea, or flipped over... don't worry, none of that actually happened :).

We entered the water at the marina which was scary and comforting at the same time. Between the weather and the views, it was also absolutely beautiful.
I wish I had a boat. My grandfather did when I was younger and I have the fondest memories from our outings, sometimes for leisure, sometimes for fish. It's so relaxing and humbling.
My family's friends also own a boat and a CT lake house for it to live at but I prefer the ocean, or the Long Island Sound I suppose ;). Lakes have always kind of freaked me out because the water doesn't flow.
Bottom line: I'd want my boat to be docked in Milford, Connecticut, it's close enough to be convenient and far enough away to feel like a mini-vacay.Anyway, at this point I can only get as far as renting a kayak for 24 hours... but I'm hopeful ;).
My first kayaking experience went surprisingly well! We each borrowed life jackets and packed water bottles (mine is from Fitness) for utmost preparation. And then we were off!

What an amazing workout! We floated around for a while but when we were on the move I felt it everywhere, arms, abs, even legs, especially when we were on our way back and against the current.

Phew! I'd like to think that my adventure-seeking friends from Chile would be proud :).

I would have happily stayed out longer but our tummies were rumbling so lunch it was!

We headed back into town and passed a gorgeous park, of which we ended up returning to the following day. Then we parked and walked around.

There are a lot of super cute shops too, the boy insisted I take a picture of the creative garden goods at this one. I'm partial to the little flying piggy. When I have a darling garden of my own, he's invited.
We ended here, a Connecticut chain of breweries with American nouveau and seafood specialties. To start we split the beer sampler. I was very pleased with most of them, so cold and refreshing.

I made sure to supplement with copious amounts of water though. Kayaking takes a lot out of you and I didn't want to be dehydrated and drunk. Ha, well, at least I'm honest.
Due to the heat and physical activity though I wasn't hungry anymore. Since the boy was he ordered an appetizer... which he ate all of himself.He said it was good and I certainly thought that it looked pretty.

I was dying to order the Halibut special over greens but my mouth was still sensitive so I thought I'd take the safe route and order the Portabella Burger. It was soft enough with all the roasted vegetables.
But I still couldn't eat it! Even though I had taken two ibuprofens my mouth began throbbing after a mere couple of small bites. It was so sad and my left cheek swelled soon after :(.
The boy enjoyed a beer battered burger classic with provelone cheese and bacon served alongside crispy fries. I was so jealous of all his chewing!
So what's a girl to do? My appetite was nonexistent and I was so upset to waste food but I knew that I couldn't go without lunch. I had definitely earned my meal with my morning workout.

We had seen this place, Liquid Lunch, on our way in and immediately considered going. It's name was deceiving, however, it had fruit smoothies and soups alongside classic café fare.
Not that there's anything wrong with that! Normally I'd love the sandwich-salad combo but my choices were limited to their liquidated options and I was beyond tired of soup and yogurt.

It is possible people :) and thus, the search continued!

Then we passed this sign on the way to the car. Perfect. Frozen custard, to me, is the quintessential summertime vacation food memory. I've had my fair share as a child on the Jersey shore boardwalks with my family. It's so creamy and delicious!

Yum, yum, yum. Vanilla and chocolate swirl without any crunchy toppings.
I'd take frozen custard over fancy candies, pastries, or fudge any day. I know, I'm crazy, but you must admit, it keeps things interesting ;). What's your ideal summa dessert? We strolled around for a bit before settling in at the hotel and cleaning up after our active morning and early afternoon. Stay tuned for Saturday night's dinner and beach walk. We took lots of pretty pictures! Hope you have a very happy Tuesday :).

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