Saturday, August 22, 2009

it's not easy being green

Beam Green, the eco-educational community is now a thing of the past. Everyone was very much surprised and taken back by the news, and yet I couldn't help but think of how thankful I was for having made the final two social clubs. I already feel like I've learned so much.
Not only was I able to witness "the sharing of Green knowledge and wisdom in order to guide people towards superior health and wellness" but experienced it alongside some blogging friends: Gena, Diana, Vani, Leslie, Sarah, and Olga. Plus, there's always so much delicious food!

Juices from Liquiteria- I'm still jealous that Leslie won a $20 gift card there ;)


Vegetarian Sushi

& BabyCakes Cookies
I helped myself to everything that the lovely vegan selection offered, while also generously taking...
another plate for the raw zucchini lasagna that tasted so beyond scrumptiously amazing :)The speakers that evening included David Philips, a spiritual counselor in Kabbalah, Gil Jacobs (featured above) a colon therapist and raw foodist, and Gene Stone, a ghost writer and co-founder of Stögo.

Oh my gosh, this icy treat is so good it's mind-blowing. At our break time we were treated to a tasting of Stögo's vanilla & chocolate coconut milk ice cream. The vanilla didn't stand a chance :) I enjoyed my bowl of creamy chocolate perfection with the slightest of coconut undertones. Yum.
I will miss this. As you can see, the Tavern on the Green event room was hardly ideal photo-op because with or without flash it was difficult to capture the beautiful faces of the bloggies. Oh well :) I hope to see them again and I will continue to do my best to live compassionately. I believe that each small act of kindness towards our bodies, our families, friends, and our world can make all the difference. Do you try to beam green each day? How?

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