Friday, August 14, 2009

don't feed the ducks

Or so the sign says. Being the huge rebel as I am, I like to treat the ducks to a little bready snack. They get so excited :). Sunday morning weather called for anything but the beach and being as it was supposed to rain, the boy and I had quick complimentary breakfast and drove over to the pretty park we passed on day one.
We had oyster crackers from our soups the night before (the New England Clam Chowder was amazing, just sayin', again) so we shared with our new friendly friends. This one was my favorite "big mama" grey goose. She was so big I got scared when she came so close. Once we were out of the goods though, the geese became uninterested and instead thought they'd cross the road. At least they put the Duck Crossing sign to good use! Then we went to go see the duckies in the pond. They were awfully relaxed around us as well.
I felt bad that we no longer had anything to share. Did you ever feed the ducks when you were little? It used to be a weekend tradition with my uncle and I... and stale bread :).
I wish we could have had a picnic in this beautiful little park--for some reason it's always been a childhood dream of mine, picnic basket and all, and it hasn't quite come true yet.

I love parks; the trees, the water, the flowers, the animals... nature's so lovely.

And so, our time was up. There wasn't much left to do in Milford and the boy wanted to catch his visiting sister at home.

But not before stopping by the beach to say our goodbyes.

We got as far as the exit back onto 95 when it hit me. Fresh. squeezed. lemonade. I don't know what it was (perhaps the lack of true amounts of real food because of my aching mouth) but this very attainable craving could just not be ignored.

We headed back into town to find that most of the potential lemonade stops were closed :( except Café Atlantique.
This place was adorable and so me. The boy even said so :).
There were so many yummy salad, wrap, panini and crêpe varieties available it was just amazing. I wanted everything, and yet, ever so sadly, could not possibly chew it all.I could order from their vast list of hot and cold beverage list though! And so I did. One ice cold fresh-squeezed lemonade for yours truly. The boy had the same but his was a special with strawberry. Delish.

I was one very happy girl, my drink of choice was oh so refreshing. A sweet yet tart ending to a wonderful weekend getaway. Oh, summer. How I am going to miss thee.

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