Saturday, October 26, 2013

kinfolk qs & snail mail

Good morning and happy weekend. I am in the brightest of moods after such a lovely Kinfolk gathering. And I'd love to share my experience with you here! But, I can't... because I enjoyed this unforgettable meal at Holybelly camera-less [hangs head in shame]. Words alone won't do it justice so I'm hoping a new friend will lend me his/her photographic evidence. It's worth waiting for, promise. In the mean time, shall we get to know each other better? Last weekend, Archana bestowed me with a second (!) Liebster award. I also wanted to give a shout-out to Danielle who sent me the sweetest "back to school" package from New York. Merci, vous deux!
  • What’s the first thing you did this morning? Rolled out of bed, put the kettle on for green tea, and poured myself a glass of lemon water. It's one of the only "detox habits" I swear by. I tend to wake up thirsty anyway, and the warm water with lemon juice feels as cleansing as it is--the lemon stimulates the liver and the water flushes out the kidneys.
  • Where would you build or buy a second home or apartment? Assuming I already own an apartment? ;) By the time I have a first home, I expect it to be in New York, so I suppose I wouldn't mind a second one somewhere along the Mediterranean coast (talk about a dream come true). Or perhaps a Parisian pied-à-terre.
  • Sleepless in Seattle or You’ve Got Mail? I've got to go with You've Got Mail. It was so revolutionarily romantic for its time! Also, I kind of despise the Empire State Building scenes in Sleepless in Seattle ; too cheesy for me.
  • What song gets you pumped? Currently, I'm all about "Sweater Weather" by The Neighbourhood. Case in point.
  • Favorite magazine? I've been on a New Yorker-kick as of late. This article is just one reason why.
  • What’s your #1 way to de-stress? Walking, it has been for a few years now. I've found green spaces to have the optimal de-stress effect. Science has proven it, too.
  • Favorite reality show? I've honestly never watched reality shows. I'm one of few who can't stand 'em, I realize this.
  • Brunch – yay or nay? Yay, yay, yay, yay, yay, yay, yay, yay... I could go on, but, ye.
  • Favorite board game? Guess Who? or Clue. Apparently I was into games that demanded intellectual prowess ;).
Next, I'd like to pass the Liebster Award on to Rachel, Jenna, Freya, Lisa, and Katie. My questions for you, ladies: Go-to breakfast? Best weekend getaway? Last book you read? Nightcap of choice? Favorite movie? Celebrating halloween? First blog you followed? I'm off to do Saturday to-dos: groceries, clean apartment, drinks with Sandra, and a reunion with Miss Edna. Have a great one!


  1. Yay! Love the answers. And now I'm re-inspired to do the lemon water morning routine. I did it for a while and it did make a difference. Then laziness got to me, but now I think it's time I get back to it.

    1. Hope you get back into it! I get out of the habit, too, but it's so worth returning to :)

  2. I'm so glad you went to the Kinfolk dinner! It sounded divine! I wish you had taken photos for my own selfish reasons but am happy that you had an evening of truly absorbing an experience instead of thinking of your next blog post (the life of a blogger!).

    Thank you for passing on the Liebster award to me! I look forward to checking out these other blogs too! xo.

    1. Oh, it was. I'll share photos soon :) excited to read your q&as!


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