Wednesday, October 30, 2013

les assiettes du septime

"Eating your feelings" or "drinking the pain away" is hardly a sound solution. But sometimes, when you've had an extra tough day, having dinner reservations with friends is just what you need. Especially if those reservations had to be made weeks in advance because the restaurant is one of the world's 50 best. And if the dinner begins with champagne, and then continues with six courses of pristine, seasonal plates--created that day from Bertrand Grébaut's culinary genius--paired with sommelier-chosen organic wine.
1st course
2nd course
3rd course
4th course
+5th course
6th course
7th course
At 55-euros, the Septime tasting menu (wine and cheese not included) was a splurge... but oh-my-god was it worth it. What you see above may very well have been the best meal I've ever had, in Paris or elsewhere. A few notable components: raw scallops, sliced fennel, aged Basque ham, melted comté cheese, whipped celery root, roasted pidgeon, blackened red pepper, pear sorbet with mint and feta, vanilla bean crème brûlée. The impeccably warm and knowledgeable service only made the experience more divine.
Once again, neo-bistros win, and now I understand why Chef Bertrand Grébaut deserves celebrity status. Previously, I must admit I'd been turned off by the hype. For my friends who still are, (or have no desire to intensely plan ahead nor blow their food monthly budget on one meal), I'd also recommend stopping by the Septime Cave. It's a cozy spot for an apéro snack and modestly-priced glasses of natural (read: without added sulfites) wine. Excellent bottles from small producers are also available for purchase.


  1. Great post! I like the suggestions. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Creating something to look forward to and celebrate is always a good thing. This place is on my to-do...maybe I need to move to Paris after Berlin...

    1. I wouldn't mind that plan of action... nor joining you when you get to dining here :)


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