Wednesday, October 2, 2013

meet pageyourself

After gladly accepting the 6-month internship at PageYourself, I freaked out about the commitment. Now, with only two months left at this special Parisian start-up, I'm sad to have few more than 40 days. A lot of the appeal has to do with my awesome coworkers. Though they're French guys--which took some getting used to because I'm not yet bilingual and have generally worked with women--it's been a rewarding challenge to my comfort zone. I'm learning so much. And so, I'd like to introduce you to the company:
{our "morning coffee with a view" / 15-minute break upon arrival each day}
PageYourself created a platform (the f-Site) to democratize social media and digital marketing with a design creator, app catalogue, and data collector (Fan Base). Basically, it empowers business owners without any skills in design, code, or social networking to thoughtfully communicate their brand online (e.g. get more Facebook likes); an invaluable gift for #smallbiz especially. If you or somehow you know could benefit, please, spread the word. The platform is launching from beta mode at the end of the month! Or, if you'd prefer to brush up on recent articles, be my guest: "How to Use Instagram for Business", "How to Use Pinterest for Business", and "8 Facebook Features You Should Take Advantage of Now" :) thanks for being so friendly! I've gotta get back to work...

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