Sunday, July 7, 2013

a berliner in nyc, day 2

I'm flying to Paris tonight. And though I'm very excited for these changes and a reunion with this boy, I'm also pretty sad about it. What if I'm not ready to bid adieu to New York, to miss my family, to not have my friends only a bridge or two away again?
Anyway, back to the itinerary. Our second day in the city: (1) Have a leisurely morning at home, meet college roommate for a late lunch at Sarabeth's, check into the hotel your cousin worked at. (2) Ride the subway downtown. (3-5) Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. (4-7) Take a glance at Dumbo, then wander through Brooklyn Heights. (9) Meet friends for happy hour at Flatbush Farm. (10) Venture (tipsily, mind you) over to Franny's for a late dinner of New York pizza and New York wine.

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