Tuesday, July 2, 2013

a berliner in nyc, day 1

When you meet a guy from Berlin, fall for him in Paris, and invite him to New York to be your date to your friend's wedding, you're basically obligated to show him the city; especially if he's never been. This was our itinerary on his first day:

(1) Take a morning train from your parents' house to Grand Central. (2) Grab an iced Joe Coffee and enjoy it in Bryant Park--gotta fight the jet-lag somehow! (3) Walk down to Madison Square Park. (4) Take advantage of free samples, or (5) help yourself to anything at Eataly. (6) Continue to Union Square, hop on the L, and venture to "where hipsters live" (7-8) Lunch al fresco at Five Leaves. (9) Walk towards Williamsburg. Note German-named venues. (10-13) Soak up street art on the way to the waterfront. (14) Return to Manhattan to cool off with craft brews at Pony Bar. (15-16) Wander nostalgically around your old neighborhood. (17) Get a glimpse of high culture at the Met. (18) Stroll through Central Park. (19) Pay a visit to your aunt on the Upper West Side. (20-21). Enjoy a homemade dinner on her rooftop. (22) Spend roughly 30 seconds in Times Square... but only because "you have to." (23) Go home, sleep well, get excited for day 2. 


  1. Aww, how cute! That's so awesome that he came with you and you get to play tour guide! What an international relationship! :) Love it!


  2. What beautiful photos! It looks like you guys had a great time, it's always so special to share your city with someone who has never been :)

    1. Thank you :) that we did! I so totally agree on the specialness of it all.

  3. Oh he's a cutie, Danielle! :) He must be quite smitten with you to go all that way to be your date!


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