Saturday, June 29, 2013

a dovetail

I was nervous. Before coming home, I mean. Not because of all the lovely familiarities, of course, but because he was meeting me there. I'd be reuniting with everyone and everything while introducing him to all of it. Up until now, he's merely been a representative figure of my other life in Paris, one that my loved ones have only heard about over Skype calls or through email. This mesh of a visit made it all the more real... perhaps to me as much as to them. And, let's not forget, to him, too.
But, it was amazing. He fit in at the wedding, at my parents' dining room table, and at more than one happy hour. Everyone adored him. He appreciated everyone that means home to me. Merci beaucoup, ma chou! I dropped him off at the airport this morning. Now, I have a few quiet days with family before venturing to the Cape to celebrate July 4th, and then, I'll fly back to Paris as well. Looking forward to giving you a glimpse into our wonderfully full week in New York beforehand.

Photo from Bear Mountain


  1. This is so sweet. Glad he fit right in.

  2. I bet that was a huge sigh of relief! After everyone met my French husband for the first time, and like him, it felt like a weight had been lifted.
    P.S. I grew up near that mountain :)

    1. Most definitely! Lucky you. Bear Mountain is so beautiful :) I was happy to be able to drive by it on my way from Syracuse to Valhalla.


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