Thursday, July 18, 2013

food and wine at m&s

You may have noticed things have been quieter around here lately. I blame my awesome 9-7 job internship (not even being sarcastic) and my fried brain after 10 hours of internal French-English translation. Please forgive me. And hopefully you'll extend your empathy towards the introduction of featured posts, too? I vow to always blog ethically and only accept content from brands I support.

On my last visit to London
, one of the agencies we visited showed us a recent project with Marks and Spencer. It was my first encounter with the British retailer and I've had a crush ever since--due in no small part to its luxury food products. It was also where I killed time before my Irish date and grabbed dinner to-go before hopping on the Eurostar. Ah, memories...

In travelling throughout Europe, many tourists, and even locals, make food a top priority. Food and wine can certainly make up much of a traditional European vacation, and it's no wonder given how many of the region's most popular vacation destinations tend to emphasize taste. But for those who don't have the flexibility to travel for food, or to eat out all the time, one alternative that is gaining popularity is ordering food and wine online--ready to be heated and served.

Specifically, Marks and Spencer has gained steam as a very impressive online source of food ready to order. Though it is perhaps known more widely as a clothing store, M&S offers a wide range of products across genres. The food and wine section, in particular, has become one of the best and busiest. Aside from ordinary grocery shopping, here are a few of the particular perks and services you can take advantage at through M&S Food and Wine:

  • Party Food: Whether you're throwing a casual backyard get-together, a formal event for the office, or a last-minute soirée, M&S has your catering option. Feast on anything from sushi rolls, meats and cheeses, selections of sandwiches and other finger foods. There endless possibilities make it a cinch to throw together a thoughtful party.
  • Wine Cases: If you're more interested in ordering wine than food, M&S has a diverse selection of different vintages from, literally, all over the world. "Mixed cases" feature different varieties to stock up your perfect collection.
  • Personalized Cakes: The bakery section of M&S is perfect for a variety of occasions with the options for themed and personalized cakes. Whether it's a themed cake for a child's birthday, a decorated wedding cake, or simply a well-chosen selection with a message in frosting, M&S has the baked good for you. 
  • Seasonal Ingredients: Finally, the M&S food section also takes advantage of fresh seasonal ingredients. In the summer, that might mean anything from fresh berries and salads, to grilling ingredients to prepare in bulk. Throwing a picnic or cookout for friends gets a whole lot easier.

Words by Tim Morris, food blogger and freelance writer. Photo by D.Alvarez (from my birthday)

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