Saturday, July 20, 2013

an older sister

For four years of my life, I was an only child, and on my mom's side, also the only neice and granddaughter. Suffice to say, though I was excited to find out I was to have a little brother, there was no way my tastefully-spoiled self was ready. And I wasn't. At seven, I remember showing my three-year-old brother the "scary animals" on my parents' blanket; the same "scary animals" that had kept him from sleeping in his own bed. He started crying. I told my mom I didn't know why. Three years later, my little sister was born.
I say that to eliminate any preconceived notions of me being the nicest older sister. I'm not. But I also remember crying myself to sleep at nine remembering how I'd picked on Jorgie and Deanna. Since the age of five, I've literally despised anyone who's ever wronged them... as if that's somehow constructive in making them feel better. And, more than 20 years later, I continue to be shamelessly protective. It's worth noting that they're hardly little anymore and not at all helpless. Also, they mean the world to me.
I came home to see my friend marry the love of her life. I did, and it was wonderful. But first, I came home to see my little sister graduate from high-school. I came home to spend time with my little brother. We've been through a lot together as a family, and my heart swelled to see how well they're doing. I couldn't be prouder. In spite of my early bullying, they've grown into such incredible young adults. I even had the joy of bringing Deanna to Ithaca College's orientation. We had a graduation party to celebrate after.
The boy had already left by then so it was really just the three of us, and our parents, and our extended family and friends. I honestly couldn't get enough. It had been too long since I had such quality family time. The most amazing part? Despite not always being eager to play the roles, I realized I've become the luckiest older sister, niece, granddaughter, cousin, and daughter there is. This post got a lot more sentimental than intended because of it.


  1. Very lucky both the friend's wedding and sister's graduation fell around the same time so that you got to attend! It's funny how you adjusted to siblings! My sister and I are only a year and a half apart, so we didn't really have distinct roles! When she first met me though, I was crying, and she whipped her pacifier out and put it in my mouth! I hope you aren't working too much at the new job!

    1. I agree! Ha, sibling relationships are wonderfully complicated no matter what ;) thank you! I am looking forward to really relaxing this coming weekend.


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