Monday, April 1, 2013

joyeuses pâques

Yesterday, I took the train from Gare de Lyon to Fontainebleau to partake in an Easter lunch with Marie and her family. No matter the fact that her grandmother spelled my nickname "Dela" incorrectly ;) I was beyond grateful to be surrounded by such love on the holiday. We sipped champagne as we caught up, went on an Easter egg hunt as if we were children, and sat down for a 4-course French meal complete with fois gras, roast beef, haricots verts, beans, salad, cheeses, dark chocolate-caramel pie, and coffee.

They even sent me home with local brie and yogurt cake, in addition to chocolate eggs from the bells . Gosh do I love ma soeur et sa famille. They're really too, too good to me. Hope your heart is just as full this April 1st.


  1. Your first Easter in France AND it was in Fontainebleau! Very cool.

    So jealous you had an egg hunt!

    1. Yes, thank you! Hahaha, the egg hunt was wonderful :)


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