Tuesday, April 23, 2013

diner des 3 découvertes

Early in my grad student career (a.k.a. six months ago), I sat in the office of one of my favorite professors. She told me all about a natural wine bar she'd just gone to with a friend as we discussed my research topic. She never did remember the name though. Serendipitously enough, just four days before I joined her and her class in the Jura, I unknowingly paid that neighborhood natural wine bar a visit.
I doubt I would've made it to Le Chapeau Melon (in the far from me 19ème) had it not been for Milsters and her "supper club that allows people to discover a new neighborhood, a new restaurant, and new people." It was wonderful. Not only for some of the most exquisite organic wines (including a champagne) alongside a fantastic meal, but for the company I enjoyed it with: the host herself, Chiawen, Rachael, and Stacy.
{salmon cru "label rouge" crème d'avocat - "red label" raw salmon, avocado cream}
{un pimiento del piquillo - stuffed red pepper}
{porco à alentejana - marinated pork with fresh clams (a Portuguese dish!)}
The 32,50€ prix-fixe menu doesn't include dessert, but we obviously didn't do without. Milsters opted for the assiette de fromages, I chose the fondant au chocolat (no surprise there), and the others couldn't resist the cheesecake. All were superb. Three and a half hours after we'd initially met at this cave à vin, I rolled myself home with a smile. I have yet to have a Parisian wine bar dining experience I haven't absolutely adored. And so, the research continues... ;)


  1. It's indeed the best kind of research! Your photos look scrumptious :)

    x Milsters


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