Saturday, April 20, 2013

le samedi

I arrived at Gare de Lyon at 10:10pm last night. It had just rained in Paris. After three amazing yet exhausting days of tasting in the Jura, I could hardly wait to sleep in my own bed and have a relaxing weekend...
This morning, my beau and I found a spectacular Saturday buffet brunch, and for only 17,50 (sadly, a good deal), we enjoyed coffee, fresh-squeezed orange juice, pain au chocolat, scrambled eggs, tomato-mozzarella salad, cous cous, greek-style vegetables, charcuterie, green salad, and yogurt over fresh fruit with muesli.
Afterwards, with thoroughly satisfied bellies and a bright, shining sun, we walked back to my apartment.
Along the way, we picked up a baguette, apples, spinach, and goat cheese at the Marché des Batignolles.
We also passed a brocante in front of Parc Monceau and feasted our eyes on antique furniture and fixtures.
Then we decided to join the dozens of Parisians lying in the park, basking in the sun. What a glorious day. Last Sunday, with envy, I'd watched others enjoy the sunshine outside my window while studiously working on a research paper. Surely I still have many hours of reading, writing, and studying ahead of me, but it was so necessary to let those responsibilities be for a few hours and make the most of Paris in its eventual spring.


  1. gosh, i seriously can't get enough of your photos. it's setting my wanderlust crazy.


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