Sunday, April 14, 2013

lisbon is the coolest

Portugal may be the only former imperial power so often overshadowed by a former colony. It's a shame, really. Because when I say Lisbon is "the coolest", I'm not exaggerating. The architecture and design--ranging from medieval to contemporary--is spectacular. The chefs and bartenders are young and creative. Even the abandoned buildings are charming, and thankfully, many are being restored to their original splendor. Lara, Lorelei, and I truly could not get enough of the under-the-radar Portuguese capital.
[Ferry to Cacilhas]
[Aperitif at U Chiado Trendy Bar]
[Digestif at Pensão Amor]
[Morning coffee at Tartine]
[After-dinner drinks at Bar Funicular]
I pretty much fell in love the moment I arrived at Estação Oriente. Amazing, isn't it? Then I went down to the metro (see photo above) to meet Lara and Lorelei at our apartment. Each day, multiple times throughout the day, we recounted how insane it was we'd never heard anyone rave about Lisbon. There's so much to see and do, and at such low prices! Even in four days, we hardly covered it all. But I certainly enjoyed myself greatly, and thanks to my friends (better planners than I--as usual), was able to seek out the very best sights and tastes; two of which I'll highlight in upcoming posts. Back to the grad school grind until then.


  1. the pictures are breathtaking! I really felt as though I was transported into the city! thank you for sharing!! also, I didn't know anything about Lisbon... so I am grateful for this post... i would love to visit someday!

  2. I've never really thought much about Lisbon, but your photos definitely make me want to go. That's so interesting what you mention about how it's one of the few countries that is lesser-known (or famous, I guess?) than its former colony. Interesting to think about. Thanks for sharing all the photos! :)

    1. It's true though, wouldn't you say? In the "must visit"-sense, I feel as though I hear about Brazil infinitely more than Portugal. Hope you do make it to Lisbon. What a city!

  3. Actually, I can think of another former colonial power overshadowed by a former colony, namely Britain and the USA. It´s comparatively less so but, anyway, undeniable. By the way, Portugal receives every year at least 3 of 4 times more foreign tourists than Brazil. But they are both extremely beautiful countries that deserve to be more widely known (I´m Portuguese and lived in Brazil from 6 to 18 years old). Loved your post.



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